The Bible is hard to understand even for Christians. Here’s a quick way to learn the overview and summary of each New Testament Book of the Bible.

The Bible Books of the New Testament

The New Testament begins approximately 400 years after the Old Testament book of Malachi. It starts out with a genealogy all the way from Adam linking to approximately 0 A.D. when the Jewish people are under persecution of the Roman Empire. While they still reside in the ancient “promised land” of the regions of Israel and Judah, they are no longer in charge of their own kingdom.

The Old Testament prophets have been talking about a king who will finally come and rescue them, and the Jewish people are eagerly awaiting his arrival. However, their assumptions are of an earthly king who will actually take an earthly throne and rescue them from their oppressors. In reality, God’s plan for their new king came in the form of a homeless baby in a manger.

The first four books of the New Testament are four viewpoints of the events that occurred during Jesus’s life on earth.

The following book of Acts is written about the apostles and church leaders who came after Jesus’ life on earth. We meet Paul, a persecutor of the Jewish people, turned greatest Christian convert/missionary of all time! The Book of Acts is a compilation of the early church history. It covers the majority of events in the remaining books of the New Testament.

Letters in the New Testament (Epistles)

The rest of the books are letters, half of which are from Paul to new churches to encourage, rebuke or check in on their progress.

The remaining letters are written by people who knew Jesus, such as James and Jude, (Jesus’ half brothers), and others who traveled with Paul or Peter in their missionary journeys.

The final book of the New Testament is Revelation, which takes a turn into prophecy although it is still a letter that was meant to be shared with seven churches in the missionary field. This terrifying, yet encouraging book is a powerful one to end on. It took me four pages of notes to cover its information instead of the regular 1-2 found in all of my previous studies.

Creating a Printable Bible Summary of Each New Testament Book

There’s so much to unpack in studying the Bible, that you have to realize it’s going to be a life-long process, no matter what stage you’re at. However, I can jumpstart that for you by walking you through the basic overview of each book of the New Testament.

A few years ago, I created a two-page summary of the chronological layout of the Bible that went VIRAL. I had no idea what I was sharing was new knowledge to so many people, even Christians! So many readers commented that they had never understood the overview of events until now and asked me to make more resources.

Over the next three years, I re-read (and listened to) each book in the Old and New Testament, took notes, and researched using tons of resources. I put my own style into it, creating graphics and doodles meant to help break down complex ideas into simplistic visuals to help with memorization.

While I originally intended for these to be used by adults, I was surprised to hear many of my readers telling me they were easy enough to use with their children!

When I finally finished the very last book, we all celebrated and I compiled the entire thing into one cohesive collection.

Here’s what others have to say about my Books of the Bible Printables:

New Testament Bible Book Purchase Options

While I originally created these for purchase individually, over time I bundled them together at a discount based on their genre (which is how the original Bible is put together).

  1. Gospels + Church History
  2. Paul’s Letters
  3. Other Letters + Prophecy

Later I was able to compile the entire thing into one big New Testament bundle (also at a discounted price).

Check out these 3 options I have available in my shop for purchasing overtime or getting them all at once:

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