It’s simple to make your own notebook for all of your notes from Bible studies. Let me show you how I created mine using the Books of the Bible Timeline printables.

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Furthering Your Bible Knowledge

If you’ve attended church your whole life, your head is filled with sermons, books, Bible studies, conversations, and personal insights from years of studying. For most of us, it seems to go in one ear and out the other. We’ve heard the stories a million times, but we’re not really making any progress on connecting the lessons together. You may have the big picture, but retelling the details is a little blurry.

If you’re new to studying the Bible, how much more difficult it is to know where to start!

Some people suggest starting in the gospels, while others aim to read the entire Bible in one year. I’m not here to tell you the ”right” place to start, I want to encourage you where you already are.

Do you have a ton of Bible notes scattered around your office? Or are you more of an auditory learner and have a Bible with clean pages and nothing written down? Are you a journaler and write down verses as they come to you over the years?

However it is that you study the Bible, I encourage you to come up with a system that will help you take what you’re learning and compile it into one place. If you’re constantly reinventing the wheel on your Bible study, it’s like taking the same course over and over again. Aren’t you ready to move on to the next course?

Organizing Your Thoughts

Whether you have zero notes written down or 100, get them all into one place. For example, here are a few ways I’ve done this in the past.

  • Copy all of your notes directly into your Bible. (Here’s one with tons of room!) Or for lengthier notes, write them on small pieces of paper or Post-its and place them inside your Bible.
  • Make files for every study you do and label them by subject or book of the Bible. Put your notes inside.
  • Write all of your sermon/study notes in a spiral notebook. Then you always know where to look when you want to remember something.

For any study that you’re doing, it is good to have something to refer to for backgrounds, such as a commentary or footnotes. I wanted something that simplified each book of the Bible and related it to when it occurred in history, the locations, and the main “characters”. I also wanted it to be visually appealing that wasn’t a video or another note to take…so over two years, I created my own version of what I was looking for.

Using a lot of personal research and resources (and my love for organization and drawing!), I designed printable outlines for every book of the Old Testament. Last year I completed the entire New Testament!

I want to share these study guides with you so that it helps supplement what you’re already doing in your own Bible study. All you have to do is print!


Here’s how I suggest you put together these printables for your Bible study notebook. You need:

bible studies notes

I’ve created a Bible Cover Sheet for your notebook so check it out in my free printable library for subscribers!


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You’ve got this!

bible studies notes

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