Struggling to Understand the Bible?

The Bible is actually organized by genre, not chronologically!

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“My Bible study time has greatly increased and I am thankful I found Amy and this group to assist me in my journey.” -Janet T.

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In 2014 I got really sick with Late-Stage Lyme Disease—I mean wheelchair, 80 pills a day, needing a nanny for my kids kinda-sick. It wasn’t until four years later that I decided I would choose joy and live with intention no matter what my circumstances might be.

With that mission in mind, I started writing a blog and creating products to encourage others in their own personal and spiritual development. As I continue to make progress in my own journey, let’s hang out and cheer each other on to find hope in our hardships and live with intention!

“Thank you for making the Word of God so simple that young children and even us older ones can understand.
God bless your ministry!”

— Paula, Delaware

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