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After the birth of my second child in 2014, I developed some disturbing health issues. I experienced migrating pain, twitches, and even memory loss. Doctors had no answers and as the years went on, my list of symptoms increased. 

I had trouble holding conversations, and experienced so much neuropathy pain that I couldn’t walk to the bathroom on my own. Every test was normal, yet I was using a wheelchair and taking over 80 pills a day. Eventually, doctors began to question my sanity.

intentional living


Finally, in the spring of 2017, I was diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme Disease (aka Chronic Lyme), which presented another set of problems. I learned that the disease is highly controversial, and navigated an underground world of Lyme treatment. Nothing was covered by insurance and communicating with doctors was often difficult and secretive.

After a year and a half of treatments, I began to see improvements in my pain management and energy levels. But the turning point for me was when I addressed my mental state and acknowledged that I would never make progress if I didn’t believe I could.

I could continue to be a grump about everything that was going on in my life, give up, quit, sleep away the days, be bitter and angry, and self-pitying. Or I could choose to live in the freedom of gratitude, love, joy and peace despite whatever circumstances were in front of me.

Live with intention


While my mindset wasn’t the cause of Lyme, it certainly wasn’t helping it. I read book after book of others who went through hard times and read of their successes through self-care practices like using a gratitude journal, or getting outside into the sunshine everyday. I saw a pattern of positive thinking and physical healing in my body that I couldn’t ignore.

In my journey of pain and suffering, I realized that changing my mindset also meant a deep dive into what I believed about my capabilities and an awareness of my need for spiritual growth.

My journey with Lyme tested my faith, relationships and mental state in ways I never dreamed. It was in these trials that I learned about finding joy in circumstances and discovered the peace that comes with surrender of control and trust in Jesus, one hard step at a time.

As I regained the strength to take back my life again, I wanted to have a way to encourage and empower other women going through hardships and the reality that Christian living isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.  

Using the lessons I learned over those years, I created a blog for women called Intentional Christian Living, focusing on this mission statement: 

“Intentional Christian Living exists to encourage and empower women to live life with intention through personal and spiritual growth.”

Live with intention


Here are a few pillars of the content I create:

  1. God wants to use you in any and every season.
  2. There is more than one way to fulfill your purpose/calling.
  3. Spiritual growth only happens with intention.
  4. God still speaks, we need to learn to listen.
  5. Miracles still happen, we need to look for them.
  6. Self-care is not selfish or anti-Christian, and we can’t help others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.
  7. Times of solitude and the practice of being still are needed for personal reflection and spiritual growth.
  8. There’s peace and progress in simplification; multi-tasking and busyness don’t always equal success.
  9. The best growth usually comes from hardship—try to see the silver lining in everything.
  10. You have a story to tell and everyone’s story matters!

While I may not be successful in conquering each and every day, my vision, my goal, my choice—is to live life with intention. Intentional Christian Living doesn’t mean you’re doing life perfectly, it means that you’re living life with purpose. We weren’t meant to do this life on our own, so let’s help and encourage one another along the way!


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