It can be hard to shop for a gift for your husband on Valentine’s Day, so I’ve rounded up the best gifts for Christian men this year.

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valentines gift for husband


This Valentine’s Day, I want to give my husband something that fits his personality, and not just a generic “guy” gift that you see on endcaps this time of year (cue the random desk games and mugs). If you think about it, every man has something that makes them unique. Your husband may be a musician, a gamer, an outdoorsman, or an avid reader in his free time.

This past year I’ve enjoyed getting to learn more about my husband’s personality through books I’ve read and quizzed him on such as The 5 Love Languages or the Enneagram’s The Road Back to You. I’ve learned that he loves help around the house and surprises. I’ve learned that he also is fiercely loyal and protective of his family. I love watching him grow as a leader among his peers and get excited by his hobbies.

If I want to encourage and inspire the Christian inside of my husband, I can’t just grab him another box of chocolate or pair of silly lounge pants. I want to give him a gift that will propel him forward in his spiritual life and let him know I see this spiritual growth happening in him.

Have a Christian husband of your own you want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few gifts ideas to shop for your man this February.


In Everything Prayer Journal for men

This fabric covered-journal is made for being more intentional in your prayer life. Each prayer request area has space to write the date, request, notes and a place to write down any answers to that prayer.

valentines gift for husband
valentines gift for husband

Study the Word Journal for men

This guided journal can be used on its own or with any Bible Study. It helps guide the user through their own chosen scriptures with guided questions and instructions using a “be still, abide, adore and apply” method.

valentines gift for husband
valentines gift for husband


Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Ok I have a confession. I haven’t actually read this book, but it’s next on my list. My husband however claims that it is a must-read for Christians and has gifted it to every man in our family. I already know I approve because I’ve read other works by C.S. Lewis including his biographies. Might even be a good one to read together!

The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus

I watched a course on CreativeLive by this guy and was so excited when I found out he had written a book. McManus empowers everyone to find their God-given creativity and embrace it to find your own unique way to share the gospel and to grow spiritually.

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

If your husband has ever sat through an entire episode of Fixer Upper, he’ll love this hilarious book about how Chip Gaines got his start in the business. This book helped me get the courage to jumpstart a few dreams of my own!

Love Does by Bob Goff

Bob Goff spoke at our church several times and always has a random inspirational story to tell (usually with a twist at the end!). This book is filled with short stories of how he steps out in faith to love other people, even when it’s hard. Hilarious and heartwarming.


Daily Planning Notepad

These are really helpful when your husband works from home and is trying to stay disciplined about balancing work and family priorities. Simple gift that’s practical too!

Weekly Checklist

If your husband has been overwhelmed lately, this is a great gift for the office (at home or at work)!

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read for setting and achieving goals, it is a quick, easy read with practical applications even my counselor refers to!

Neutral Bible Tabs

For the guy that can never seem to remember the order of the books of the Bible, these are easy to apply and neutral for a no-frills look.


Cultural Background Study Bible

For any man who likes watching the history channel, this is the Bible for him! Dig deeper into the Bible stories you grew up on and see how they correlate with real-world cultures.

Illustrated Manners and Customs of the Bible

If you want to get even more in depth into the cultures of Bible times, there is an entire book you can use as a supplement to your Bible to learn more. My husband loves any kind of Biblical history, so this has been a staple in our home for years.

My Bible Timeline Printables!

I have just as many men purchasing my timelines as women because I think we all are drawn to studies that are visual these days. Don’t forget to subscribe to get 20% off your first purchase!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines gift for husband