Celebrate Dad with these 15 simple and fun activities for kids (plus free Father’s Day notes!) to make him feel special.

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A friend once told me that she grounded her kids if they didn’t greet dad at the door when he came home from work. She was trying to emphasize that people are more important than things. Her frustration was that someone would come over and her children would be nose-deep in video games and she would have to tell them to get up and say hello.

I can completely see the value in training your kids to honor adults in their lives. We seem to have higher standards for our kids to show respect to others than us as parents sometimes. I want my children to say hello and good-bye when people come visit, but oftentimes when Dad walks through the door after work, we’re scattered or he has to come approach the kids to say hi. Even then, he may get a “hey” while a kid is staring at level 4 in Super Mario Brothers.

Many times we get so frustrated, it seems the solution is to take away the video game, when really it’s lack of training on our part. The Bible tells children to honor their father and mother. If we don’t show them how, do they really know what to do?

It can be as simple as setting everything down and greeting Dad when he comes homes from work, or looking someone in the eyes when they’re speaking. Take some time to assess whether your kids know how to honor you, or whether you just expect it from them.

My favorite way to show honor to parents is through Mother’s and Father’s Day. Making these days a big deal can go a long way for a parent who spends all year questioning if they’re doing anything right.


This Father’s Day, I have 15 ways you can help your kids celebrate Dad (including free Father’s Day Interview Notes!). Combine a few of your favorites to make it a day he will love!

1. Give Dad a special gift

While there are many gifts you can give Dad, I have created something extra you can throw in to help your kids honor and love on Dad all year long. I created a coupon book in my Intentional Holidays Printables you can use this year! Print the coupon book, cut it out, staple it and add a few of your favorite ideas too!

2. Make Dad “King for a Day”

Greet Dad in the morning with a crown and a bell. Tell him that he is “King for a Day” and can request whatever he wants. Good luck!

3. Cook his favorite meal

Figure out what Dad loves and serve him that for lunch and dinner. Some good ideas are steak, BBQ, pulled pork sandwiches, and hamburgers. Here’s a great recipe for slow cooker ribs.

4. Bake a special dessert

You can’t go wrong with dessert! Fill the house with the scent of fresh baked cookies, brownies, or celebrate big with cake and ice cream!

5. Draw a picture of you and Dad

If you have little kids, there’s nothing better than a homemade card complete with a drawing of Dad. Set aside time to work on these before the big day. (There’s a page in the Intentional Holidays Printables for that too!)

6. Frame a picture of you and Dad doing his favorite thing

My husband loves to be outdoors, so any picture of him and the kids exploring is a winner in our house. Find what Dad loves to do and frame a picture of him and the kids doing it.

7. Take Dad fishing

You don’t have to plan a trip to go fishing. Many local parks stock their ponds with fish and have catch and release rules. Usually a fishing license isn’t needed either, so buy a few fishing poles and maybe get adventurous with worms or minnows from a local sports shop (some Walmarts have them too!). Here are some good poles from Amazon:

8. Plan an adventure movie night

Our family is big into movies, so every once in awhile we have a movie marathon week. Depending on the age of your kids, have an adventure movie night for Dad! Here are a few of my husband’s favorites:

9. Set up dinner and a show

Beforehand, have your kids learn a few magic tricks and tell some jokes to perform while Dad eats dinner in the living room. He will love that they practiced something for him the week before! Here are some simple ones to get started:

10. Go golfing with Dad

If Dad loves to golf, treat him to a round of mini-golf or check out Top Golf for food and games if it’s in your area.

11. Take Dad bowling

This is always a fun time for families and something we haven’t done in awhile because of quarantine. Humor Dad and let him give you a few tips along the way…

12. Go to an outdoor store with Dad

If Dad doesn’t like to shop, there’s a strong chance he will if you take him to an outdoor store like Cabela’s or Bass Pro. Plus they have fish feeding tanks, restaurants and arcade games!

13. Explore together on a nature hike

Local parks have so much to offer if you do a little research. Look into your town’s website for a complete list of parks and usually you can find public trails to hike or explore.

14. Go on a bike ride adventure

When I was little, my Dad showed me a bike path across town that was converted from old railroad tracks. We rode for miles as he told me the history of the town that I had never known before. Ask Dad to take you exploring somewhere new in your city.

15. Fill an “All About Dad” Questionnaire

For younger kids, these always get a laugh and a whole lot of insight into what your children think of you. Download this free printable for your kiddos to fill out for Dad!

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Happy Father’s Day!