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  • How to Use the Bible to Find Verses for Self-Help Guidance

    The Bible is good for many things, but here I help you learn practical tips to take your Bible study further by finding verses for personal guidance. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for details. FROM CARD CATALOGS TO ALEXA My generation researched a topic at the school library where we […]

  • 5 Simple Ways Jesus Modeled Self-Care in these Bible Verses

    Self-care doesn’t mean self-obsession or self-deprecation but simply taking care of yourself. See how Jesus models this and find out what Bible verses say about self-care. Is Self-Care Spiritual? I recently came across the idea that as Christians we should be wary about the terminology self-care in the essence that this new “trend” is promoting […]

  • From Highlighters To Dividers: 5 Innovative Approaches For Bible Note-Taking

    Apply note-taking skills from your school years to your Bible, whether you’re a historian, artist, action taker, summarizer, or list maker. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for details. TAKING NOTES IN YOUR BIBLE Perhaps you are more of an organizer than an artist, more logical than imaginative. Maybe you enjoy […]

  • Mindset Matters: The Remarkable Power of Your Thoughts

    See what these Bible verses have to say about the power of mindset and our thoughts in dealing with fear and anxiety in this printable study. Some Thoughts on The Power of Your Thoughts I’ve always been a worrier and have struggled with the downward spiral of worry since I was a child. I’m sure […]

  • Download This 4 Week Scripture Study on Fear and Anxiety

    Join me in this four-part scripture study on fear and anxiety in this printable workbook to help you cope with your worries in a healthy way. Gremlins and Baby Dolls When I was five years old, I watched the movie “Gremlins”. Terrified, I jumped from the hallway to my bed to avoid getting clawed by […]

  • Printable Study for the Book of Daniel in the Bible

    Study the book of Daniel in the Bible when you use this printable outline to discover historical events, timelines and themes. The Book of Daniel in the Bible The book of Daniel in the Bible is jam-packed with action and power, miracles and visions. It’s the story of a real man who was exiled to […]

  • Printable Study for the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible

    Study the book of Ezekiel in the Bible when you use this printable outline to discover historical events, timelines and themes. DIGGING DEEP FOR UNDERSTANDING Historically, there’s so much in the Old Testament to unpack…So if you’re confused, join the club. I was content with reading the Bible and brushing off the history-type elements for […]

  • Printable Bible Study for the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah

    Both the books of Jeremiah and the book of Lamentations were written by the prophet Jeremiah during the kingdom split. He lived through the destruction of Jerusalem and long enough to see his prophecy of exile come true. THE PROPHET In the year 650 BC, Jeremiah served as a prophet to the people of Judah. […]

  • The Book of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs Printable Study

    Written by the wise King Solomon, the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible explores the idea that everything is meaningless, while Song of Solomon is a poem that celebrates love. TWO OPPOSITE BOOKS BY KING SOLOMON We’ve already heard a lot from King Solomon, but he’s not through yet! In Psalms, we had a sneak […]

  • Bible Verses on How to Deal with Life’s Trials

    Following Jesus doesn’t mean life will get easier, in fact, he tells us it will be harder! What are some Bible verses on how to deal with life’s trials? The Testing of Our Faith I always heard preachers talk about trials and suffering growing up. It sort of went like this: You’re either going through […]

  • A Few of My Favorite Proverbs Bible Verses + a Printable Study

    Check out my favorite Proverbs Bible verses in this printable that also helps break down the overview of the book, it’s authors, and themes. THE BOOK OF PROVERBS If you love a good quote, you probably will enjoy the book of Proverbs. I’m a sucker for anything inspirational, a quick piece of advice or some […]

  • The Ultimate Source of Peace: Exploring Bible Verses

    Study ways to access peace with this fear and anxiety Bible verse study and learn to cultivate calmness in your life. Originally posted April 1, 2020 Needing Peace in the Craziness I’d been ok with staying home, until yesterday. Yesterday it seems I came to terms with this new reality of the times we’re living […]

  • Learning About the 5 Books of Psalms in This Bible Study Printable

    Psalms is broken down into five “books”. It’s a love story, the history of the Israelites, along with other poetry and hymns. THE BOOK OF PSALMS There is so much to unpack in the book of Psalms that I struggled with what to highlight and what to take out in order to create my Psalms […]

  • Study the Bible Book of Job in this Printable Summary

    See what God has to say in this Bible book of Job summary that addresses the topic of suffering, even among those who are righteous. THE RANDOM STORY OF JOB IN THE BIBLE So here we are chugging along in chronological order, and then there’s the Book of Job. No one’s really sure where this […]

  • 10 Spiritual Goals to Have and How to Work Toward Them

    We set goals for our careers, our homes, our health, and our finances. Why wouldn’t we then set spiritual goals? *This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for details. A WORK IN PROGRESS As a child I was shy and withdrawn, insecure and anxious. I was a sensitive kid that was afraid […]