Discover the power of intentional living and setting goals in “The Intentional Year” when you join our July 2023 Book Club discussion.

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“The Intentional Year” by Holly and Glenn Packiam

This spring, I picked up a book called The Intentional Year by Holly and Glenn Packiam and was instantly refreshed in how I wanted to spend the rest of my year. In short, this faith-based book walks you through setting rhythms in your life that help you focus on areas of:

  • Prayer
  • Rest
  • Renewal
  • Relationships
  • Work

For Type-A personalities like myself, I enjoyed the organizational aspects as well as making space for spiritual practices like Sabbath rest and cultivating a deeper prayer life that you won’t find in typical goal setting books.

Five Key Spheres of Life

Here are a few examples from each section of the book that I can’t wait for you to explore in our Book Club next month!

1. Prayer

For example:

  • Psalm praying
  • the P-R-A-Y prayer
  • Silence
  • Lectio Divinia

2. Rest

Setting aside time for a weekly Sabbath in addition to:

  • Preparing for your time of rest
  • Restful and Spirit-focused activities list
  • Activities to cease during Sabbath

3. Renewal

Habits to take care of your body and mind. Specifically:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mental health
  • Emotions

4. Relationships

Cultivating healthy practices such as:

  • Spiritual friendships
  • Self-awareness, empathy, and differentiation
  • Trust, tension, and true intimacy
  • Healthy boundaries

5. Work

Finally, discerning your calling and mission through:

  • Glorifying God
  • Creating good in the world
  • Doing what brings you joy

In addition to exploring these different areas of intention in our lives, the authors help you implement these ideas into an actionable plan. They even walk you through daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals!

Join My New Book Club!

When we share our goals with others we are TWICE as likely to reach them. Whether your goal is simply to read the book or to implement spiritual practices into your daily life, I’m here to support you!

Next month I will be discussing this book in my Facebook group so I want YOU to join in on the conversation! Each month I will be selecting one book I’ve read that I think will encourage and inspire you as a woman who wants to live her life with intention. What a perfect book to kick off that conversation than this one!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Start reading The Intentional Year (I found it here for $5 cheaper than Amazon!)
  2. Join my Facebook Group (I’ll also be sharing some FREE printable worksheets I’ve created just for this book!)
  3. Save the Date (I will go Live in the Facebook Group on July 28th at 12pm CST so that we can discuss the book and walk through these sheets together!)

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