Discover the transformative power of “Breathe” by Bonnie Gray as we learn about breath prayer and four areas of wellness.

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An Overview of Breathe

I recently was listening to the Proverbs 31 podcast where they interviewed Bonnie Gray about her book, Breathe: 21 Days to Stress Less and Transform Chaos to Calm. I had just finished reading The Intentional Year and Bonnie was discussing 4 Practical Ways to Avoid Burnout in her interview.

Her way of speaking was so simplistic and relatable that I immediately paused the podcast and ordered the book. I’m so glad I did! What I learned has built on the goals I created from The Intentional Year in a way that addressed the way I approach these goals–in a way that is healthy and doesn’t lead to burnout. In addition to all of her advice, she introduced me to the concept of Breath Prayer, something that has been so helpful in my daily life.

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Take the Soul Care Quiz!

In her book, Bonnie talks about four areas of wellness that we need to acknowledge in our lives. They are:

  1. Emotional Wellness
  2. Physical Wellness
  3. Spiritual Wellness
  4. Social Wellness

If we are just making goals and to-do lists with no plan for rest in sight, we won’t come out better for it. We will train ourselves to be hustlers, overworked and anxious, always feeling behind and never enough.

One of my favorite parts of the book is that she has created A Soul Care Quiz which you’re supposed to take before you read. It is a short questionnaire about which area of your life you need the most help in. When I took the quiz, I wasn’t surprised to learn that I scored low in the area of social wellness since coming out of the COVID season, I’d developed social anxiety.

Bonnie challenged me to look for opportunities in my life to get back into my community. I joined a local women’s entrepreneur group and we started visiting a new church to find families that lived closer we could connect with. I text old friends to meet up for lunch and reached out to our kids’ friends’ parents to make sure they were staying social during the summer months.

During the time I read this book, my son was suffering from major health problems and we felt overwhelmed and lonely. The wisdom encouraged me to reach out to others for help and in turn brought our family closer friendships. I am so thankful I took the advice to work on my social wellness that I desperately needed this season.

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Join Our Book Club Discussion

There’s so much in this book that I want to dig into, and I also want you to experience the lessons Bonnie has for your life! I’ve created worksheets for the four wellness areas and included the recommended breath prayer that goes along with each section. This way we can discuss them together and make an action plan for your life as well.

Next month I will be discussing this book in my Facebook group and I want YOU to join in on the conversation! Each month I will be selecting one book I’ve read that I think will encourage and inspire you.

Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Start reading “Breathe” (I found it here for $3 cheaper than Amazon!)
  2. Join my Facebook Group (I’ll also be sharing some FREE printable worksheets I’ve created just for this book!)
  3. Save the Date (I will go Live in the Facebook Group on August 25th at 12pm CST. Then we can discuss the book and walk through these sheets together!)
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Look for your Book Club invite shortly after you join. Then grab your copy of Breathe by Bonnie Gray so you can start reading along with me and practice those breath prayers!

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breath prayer
breath prayer

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