Check-in with yourself each day with these ideas for self-care journal prompts intended to help you live life with intention.

Ideas for Self-Care

September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and I wanted to highlight some practical ways that we can take better care of ourselves this month.

As I go through what has helped me in the past, here are the basics that I continue to go to over and over again:

  • Create a daily routine that eases you into the morning
  • Learn new habits that set you up for success
  • Take breaks throughout the day to assess how you’re feeling
  • Record your thoughts in a journal and work through problems in healthier ways
  • Take time once or twice a month to go out and do something that energizes you or makes you feel good about yourself like getting a new haircut or sipping coffee in a bookstore

Print Your Free 30-Day Self-Care Journal Prompts Page

I think that journaling brings out the best ideas for self-care. Print the following freebie and write about one each day for the next month. Once you reach the end, you’ll have created your own resource of self-care ideas in your journal!

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When you take some time to journal out your thoughts, hopes, and dreams, you’ll stay focused on intentional living! Before you go, read more posts on ideas for self-care here:

You’ve got this!

Self care journal prompt

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