Goal Series Week 3: How to Create a Daily Routine That Helps You Reach Your Goals

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So you’ve set big goals, you’ve broken them down into manageable steps, but you can’t seem to make time for implementing them.

There’s work and school and dinner to be made. You have bills to pay, errands to run and events to attend. How do people have time for themselves?

By creating a routine, you can identify your non-negotiables and be flexible with the rest. You can pinpoint what habits bring you energy and which ones are time-wasters.


The key is not to add to your schedule, but to simplify it. Use these tips to create a routine that helps you reach your goals.

1. Write down your set-time essentials.

For example: wake and bed times, work/school start and end times, meal times.

2. Write down your flexible essentials.

For example: chores, errands, reply to emails.

3. Choose one goal to add to your schedule.

Referring to your goal list you made, choose ONE goal and find a free time for it in your schedule each day. For example: go to the gym, quiet Bible study time, play a game with the kids

4. Update your goals as you reach them.

Reaching your goals will be measured by your own standards. Do you want to do the same thing 21 days in a row? Three times a week for a month? Set your specifics and reward your milestones. Then build on what you’ve accomplished.

As you reach your goals, you may need to take them off the chart and replace them with a new goal. Other times, you may want to build on that goal by keeping your first goal in place and finding another chunk of time to work on your second goal.

Your routine should basically stay the same from day to day, with minor adjustments as you go throughout the year. The key to reaching goals is consistency, so try not to rock the routine too much, otherwise it won’t set in and become automatic.


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Here’s to a more organized YOU!


  1. I’m trying to use a bullet journal to keep me on track with everything and the “set-time” vs “flexible” essential distinction definitely helps!

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