Stop the glorification of busy and take care of yourself. You’ll be surprised that by slowing down and learning to be present, your productivity will increase!

Needing More Time Vs. Taking a Time Out

Most of us are not even sure how to slow down. You have a million things to get done but not sure where your to-do list is, and you haven’t sat still for a minute to even eat lunch. Sound familiar?

After I started doing so much better with my health, the overload from multitasking and trying to “do it all” led me to a new problem: exhaustion and burnout. Which led to more frequent flare-ups and frustration.

I depleted my energy resources into every task that appeared before me and forgot to do what was most important for my own productivity: rest.

Most of us aren’t even sure how to slow down.

The glorification of busy is a real problem in our society, and mental health issues are on the rise. While multitasking has it’s benefits, it also has its downfalls. Are you surrounded by half-completed projects? Or are you finishing projects only to find your health is suffering for it? Have you become a workaholic, or someone who’s constantly saying, I don’t have time for this?

What if I told you that you would actually be more productive if you took more breaks and time for yourself? I’m telling you, re-prioritizing and taking care of yourself can do wonders for your productivity.

Whether you’re an unorganized mama, dealing with drama at work or just simply tired all the time, mindfulness has a benefit for you.

Give it a try. Slow down, be present. How? I’ll walk you through 5 reasons why you need to practice mindfulness today.

5 Ways to Slow Down Your Day

1. Set One Goal at a Time

Multitasking doesn’t not equal success. When you multitask, you leave a wake of unfinished projects if you’re not careful. You aren’t able to give your best if you can’t focus on the task at hand. I found that when I stop multitasking and work off a short list, I accomplish so much more.

How are you progressing through the day? Are you putting off what needs to be done and distracting yourself with menial tasks? Set your top three priorities for the day and tackle those first. It will free up so much room in your mind for calm and clarity.

2. Exercise

I feel like a multitasking machine only to crash and burn right before school gets out and dinner needs to be made. Scheduling gentle exercise each day to check in with my pain level has had major benefits on my physical health. Do a quick 10 minute yoga session to focus on slowing your breathing and to quiet your mind.

3. Meditate

Many times when we’re overworked and stressed out, our breathing is sporadic or too fast. Stopping to practice slow and steady breathing has multiple health benefits including lowering stress levels. Take a few minutes to calm your mind by meditating.

4. Get Outside

Overwhelmed about a project or a personal issue? Take a break from the problem and get some good old sunshine. Revisit the problem in an hour or so when you’ve given yourself some much needed perspective and vitamin D.

5. Take Time to Rest

One thing I work into my schedule each day since I got sick is rest time. My body can’t keep up like it used to and then I pay for it at night if I haven’t intentionally scheduled breaks. Whether that’s taking a nap, watching a show, or relaxing with a hobby, take time for rest.

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