Finding the Courage to Tell Your Story

People are encouraged when they can relate to one another. Get the courage to tell your story to others today!

Sharing my story
Sharing my story


A few years ago, I stood up to tell a group of women about the depression I went through during the worst of my Lyme disease. Through my story I shared how worship made a difference in changing my focus and became a stepping stone toward healing. I received applause and words of encouragement, yet felt embarrassed and withdrawn afterward.

I imagined words that hadn’t been expressed and worried about other people’s opinions. In trying to encourage, how was it that I felt obnoxious and egotistical?

When a friend reached out to thank me for what I shared, I admitted I felt foolish and had been fighting off panic attacks all afternoon.

She called out the lies in my head and redirected my thoughts to the truth: If I have something good to say about Jesus, God’s voice is not the one telling me to stop.

Her reminder directed me towards the words in the Bible that spoke of how God interacts with his children. If you are struggling with discerning between God’s push toward spiritual growth and Satan’s discouragement, ask yourself: How are the words in my head sounding?

Are they gentle or harsh? Do they come in a whisper or a shout? Do they cause you to act or to retreat? Is the focus on glorifying God or yourself? Do you find yourself looking for more opportunities for growth in life or simply going through the motions?

Sharing my story


Everyone has a story. I didn’t realize how true this was until I started sharing mine. And in sharing, I continue to get affirmation and healing for the parts of me that are still wounded.

Sharing encourages those around you to open up and let you in on their lives as well. In becoming more vulnerable, I have learned of friends who have overcome infertility, abortion, abusive relationships, addictions, disease, betrayals, death, loss of faith, depression, and infidelity.

It sounds like a cry fest–it’s not. It’s a support system. It’s a way of spreading hope and encouragement to others. Sharing your story helps people know they’re not alone in their struggles. It teaches them how to deal with hard situations and live with focus and direction. Sharing inspires. And in my case, sharing has given me new friendships, more meaningful relationships and a stronger marriage.

Your story matters. Don’t think that it doesn’t.

How can you share your story with someone who needs it? Don’t be discouraged, friend! Be bold, be joyful and be encouraging! Great things await you!

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Sharing my story


8 thoughts on “Finding the Courage to Tell Your Story

  1. Awesome! I know that feeling of “foolishness” after sharing and recounting over and over what you said and how you said it, thinking of how people may have taken it or perceived you afterwards. Satan really does have a way of getting into our heads doesn’t he?? Thanks for sharing your tips on recognizing and distinguishing between Satan’s voice and God’s. You’re right, God does not yell and criticize, but rather encourages and uplifts.

  2. Thank you for sharing Amy. I am going to share your blog with others as I especially find the God vs Satan word list important and helpful. You are beautiful inside and out. You have something to say that we all need to hear, so keep doing it. Love ya, Judy Homan

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