Having your child interview their grandparent for Grandparent’s Day is the perfect way to let their legacy live on for generations to come.

Grandparent’s Day

My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday this year.

In quarantine.

It was so sad to celebrate through the mail and a phone call.

While many of your own kids had to wait months to see their grandparents, I’m sure a few tears were shed in your house in 2020.

But there’s this sweet little holiday in September that oftentimes goes overlooked that I know you’ll want to celebrate this year: Grandparent’s Day.

Whether or not you are able to get out to see your kids’ grandparents, I’ve got a great way for them to connect in a deeply personal way.

A few years ago, I discovered several empty interview books gifted to my grandma. I knew that if they had been sitting there for ten years, the only way they would get filled out was to do it NOW.

So we took the day to talk and write through the book. I dug through old pictures afterward and we glued them onto the pages. My notes were sloppy, but it didn’t matter. Everyone in my family wanted to know what was in that book.

And on her 90th birthday, my sister compiled a photo album with pictures and notes to my grandma, and a few copied pages from her interview book.

Tips for Conducting an Interview

Maybe this year was your reminder that the only time we have promised is now. Maybe you never were able to interview your grandparents (or even your own parents). But if you have someone older in your life, take the time to ask them questions about their life to pass on to others. I promise you (and everyone involved) will be blessed!

Here are some tips for setting up an interview with your kids and their grandparents:

  • Invite them over for a special tea/brunch/snack time
  • Give them something handmade by the kids before you start
  • Write as you go or record the conversation using voice memos or video

The gift is the time taken to honor and appreciate your grandparents. You can commemorate it by framing the interview pages, or gluing them to construction paper and drawing a picture on the back. Give them the completed project on Grandparent’s Day!

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Happy Grandparents Day!

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