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Do you believe it? Or have you felt a little lost in the rat race? Like every day is on repeat or that your marriage is a trade off of errands, cleaning and taking care of the kids? Do you feel out of control with your spending or unmotivated to go to your job?

The statistics are staggering on the number of Americans on prescription medicines for depression and anxiety. We are an over-scheduled, overworked, worn out, and stressed out society.

Parenting has become a scary world as we navigate all of the information overload while reading stories about terrible things that could happen to our children.

I am right there with you. I’ve felt the fear and overwhelm of life and felt like a hamster running on a wheel that goes nowhere.



Are you tired of living in survival mode? Keeping up with endless to-do lists? Of feeling like there’s never enough time in the day or that you can’t survive without coffee?

Well then let me be the first to tell you–There’s good news for you. Not everyone runs around like a chicken with their head cut off. Not everyone lets stress run their lives and wakes up dreading the next morning. I promise things don’t have to stay the way they are if you don’t want them to.

live with intention


There was a time in my life when I was done. I just had my second child and was in constant pain and fear and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me…Until three years, five hospital visits later, 80 pills a day and bedridden using a wheelchair, I was diagnosed with Late-Stage Lyme Disease.

I had given up. I was tired of figuring out what was wrong with me, and then discouraged to find out the recovery was just as intense as the symptoms. Even in healing, I was drowning in my sorrows.

Until one day I decided, am I going to let this disease define me or am I going to take back my life and live it? I mean, really LIVE it. To truly live with intention.

The flare ups continued but the depression did not. My mind was on fire for freedom from the disease. If my body wasn’t going to listen, then maybe my mind would. And what I found was that even with treatment, my body wasn’t making progress without my mental state improving.

And here I am today, two years later, happy–TRULY HAPPY!

I am motivated and excited about life, learning the meaning of true joy and contentment. I know what I want to do with my life and wake up each morning trying to find one way to do that. If one thing matters to me now, it’s to encourage others. To be a leader in my community and to help the hurting. live with intention


I am in no way minimizing your disease or your depression. I am still stuck with a mess that Lyme left behind that I will probably have to deal with the rest of my life. But I refuse to let it be my life anymore than it has to. I so want to encourage you in that. That this problem in your life doesn’t have to define you. That there are things you can do to change the path of your life.

When you look back on your life, what do you want to have accomplished? That you survived each day? Or that you LIVED each day?

I want to encourage you no matter where you are: struggling with panic attacks, dealing with a disease, stressed out in a hard time of parenting, needing something more in your marriage, or simply wanting your life to resemble more than just going through the motions, that YOU CAN DO GREAT THINGS.

You can start today by changing your mindset from one of REPETITION to one of INTENTION.


Baby steps! The first step is to want to change. To want more from life. Do you?

Then this is the place for you. Where will you start living with intention? 


Sometimes the first step in getting your life back is taking the time to get organized. Whether it’s setting fresh goals or planning your meal schedule, I’ve got you covered.


In the busyness of life, it can be easy to forget the things that make life worth living. Here I show you how to slow down and enjoy the little things. 


For anyone who wants to work on self-improvement, reading is a must. Taking the time to learn from the experts will change your viewpoints and equip you with new ideas. Other times, reading is simply a good self-care practice to unwind. 


Want to learn a new skill or tap into your creative side? I can teach you beginner art skills and projects, and help you decorate your home for the holidays. 


Struggling day to day because of health issues? I’m right there with you. I walk you through my journey of dealing with chronic pain and anxiety from Lyme disease and the tools I use to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness. 


We can all use a pep talk from time to time. Whether you’re feeling lonely or overwhelmed, I share my stories of hardships to encourage you to push through your own.


Marriage, friendships, community—people are messy, but completely worth the investment. While I will always be a work in progress, I help you learn how to combat disappointment and confrontation, and instead use relationships as a tool for self-improvement and empathy. 


I want to share the tools I’ve used to dig myself out from the pit of fear, pain, and anxiety. To encourage people to find joy and hope through intentional living no matter their circumstance in life, just as so many for me.

I hope that you are encouraged by something you find here today. 

So now, grab your FREE INTENTIONAL LIVING WORKBOOK to live your best life TODAY!


You can read more about my reason for starting a blog in Getting Out of Bed. 

Here’s to living life with intention!