Have you ever tried fasting? Study what these Bible scriptures on fasting says about this ancient practice so you can implement it into your life.

Scriptures of fasting

The Ancient Tradition of Fasting

When I picture fasting, I usually conjure up an image of Gandhi or some other man in history. But the more I study my Bible, I realize that God still calls us to fast. I can’t help but wonder what it is and how I’m supposed to do it as a woman in the 21st century.

The Bible reveals that fasting is a deeply personal practice and the main focus isn’t on what you’re depriving yourself of, but on what you’re replacing it with. The point isn’t to skip out on chocolate for a month only to think about chocolate every waking second. The idea is to cut out something in your life that takes up space in your mind where that space needs to be refocused on what’s most important–devotion to God.

In the Bible, scriptures on fasting include:

  • Praying for loved ones
  • Repenting of sin
  • Focusing on God’s direction and calling in their lives

Fasting can be used for:

  • Worship
  • Humility
  • Wisdom
  • Preparation
  • Mourning
  • Deliverance
  • Protection

Anything that shifts your focus from self to God can be used as a form of fasting.

Can I Only Fast From Food?

Depriving yourself from food isn’t the only way you can fast, and the time limit you put on yourself is up to you. Think of some things in your life that may have become “idols”. What are the main things you think about over God? For instance:

  • Do you wake up first thing and check your phone?
  • Do you find yourself only talking about your job in your free time?
  • Do you obsess about sports or gossip?
  • What is it that you could take a break from and replace with time focused on God?

I don’t want to tell you what to fast from, because I want you to discover these things on your own. For the first few days of the study, maybe don’t fast from anything. Take time not only to brainstorm ideas but also to listen for God’s direction. Once it becomes clear to you what you need to take a break from, write it down to try out.

Remember the most important part of this is about transformation, not deprivation. Replace your time spent in that area with meaningful prayer, study, and meditation. Challenge yourself—it’s not supposed to be easy!

Scriptures of fasting

February Scriptures on Fasting

If you’re not sure what the Bible says about fasting, then use this study to learn! The directions are simple:

  1. Print the scripture page and make copies of the journaling pages.
  2. Write a scripture each day in the space on the left and finally, reflect on it in the space on the right.

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