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Do You Listen to Podcasts?

I started listening to podcasts a few years ago because I was interested in turning blogging into a business. So I started listening to blogger podcasts, which led me to all kinds of genres of podcasts. The list is endless on what you can discover from true crime to Bible study to talk show hosts!

When I discovered all of the podcasts by Christian women, I was inspired by the creative things each person had to offer! I used to listen to music on my AirPods, but now most of the time you’ll catch me listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are easy to digest because you can multitask! There are many opportunities to listen. For example:

  • During a shower/getting ready
  • While cleaning the house
  • Waiting in the school pick-up line
  • On a road trip
  • At the beach or pool
  • On a walk

So grab some headphones and tune in to one of these podcasts I recommend below:

18 Podcasts I Recommend

1. Breathe

I found this podcast after Bonnie Gray was a guest on the Proverbs 31 Ministries podcast and spoke about her book, Breathe. I connected immediately to what she was teaching, bought the book and loved it so much I’m hosting a virtual book club on it this month!

2. We’re Going There

I met Bianca at a women’s conference and the energy she brings to a room is contagious! She also has an identical twin, Jasmine Star (who is a business coach) so I am all for this family’s success! Bianca addresses controversial topics and while you don’t have to agree with everything she says, I am encouraged by her own boldness to address real life issues.

3. Can I Laugh on Your Shoulder?

Loving this podcast currently because a lot of Christian podcasts are on the serious side. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to connect with another silly Christian while still being able to address topics with depth!

4. The Jess Connolly Podcast

Formally The Go and Tell Gals Podcast, Jess Connolly is a Christian author who promotes healthy body image and intentional living.

5. The Daily Grace Podcast

By the group that also creates beautifully bound Bible studies and accessories, the Daily Grace team hosts a weekly study you can use your workbooks to follow along with!

6. Proverbs 31 Ministries

Cycling through their many authors, this podcast and ministry is founded by Lysa TerKeurst and helps me discover Christian women authors. One of my favorite listens!

7. Cultivate What Matters

Hosted by the group that brought you those gorgeous Write the Word Journals, this podcast helps you organize your life to increase productivity and is God-focused. I also love all their book recommendations!

8. Chatologie

Angie Elkins interviews Christian women authors, experts, coaches, and podcast hosts. Topics cover everything from shame, health, midlife crisis, and theology, as well as time-saving hacks, race, and pornography!

9. Fierce Calling Podcast

Doris Swift talks with women about using their gifts to impact the world for Christ. Topics include wrestling with faith, discovering your hopes, and addressing your fears, while surrendering the things that rob you of joy, and more!

10. The Sister Circle Podcast

Popular Christian author and speaker Chrystal Evans Hurst hosts this podcast interviewing Christian women leaders such as Alli Worthington, Hosanna Wong, and Beth Moore.

11. Mama Bear Apologetics

Everyone I know is talking about her book, Mama Bear Apologetics, where she helps us navigate raising kids while living in this complicated climate. If your kids are bringing you hard questions, then check this out for some Bible-based answers.

12. Coffee & Bible Time

Hosted by a mother and her two grown daughters, you feel like you’re in a Bible study with your girlfriends!

13. Mama’s Mission

The first podcast I was ever interviewed for! This New Zealand mom hosts other parents living out their faith and passing it on to their kids. I could listen to her accent all day!

14. Jesus Over Everything

I discovered Lisa Whittle in this podcast search and binged her episodes one summer during the kids’ swim lessons. Her passion for people and their stories comes through and then leaves you feeling inspired.

15. She Lives Purposefully

Megan Holmes Edmonds from talks about living with purpose through topics like dating, friends, mental health, and finding purpose in pain, while studying the Bible together.

16. Going Scared

I discovered Jessica Honegger at a women’s conference and then fell in love with her down-to-earth attitude. She is the founder of Noonday, a jewelry line created by women in poverty all over the world. She is also the author of one of my favorite books, Imperfect Courage.

17. The Simplified Podcast

Hosted by another author Emily Ley, she helps you organize all areas of your life in this practical podcast based on her products.

18. Christian Women Leadership Podcast

Finally, this is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts! Esther Littlefield provides a resource and support for women in Christian leadership who want to be encouraged and focused on their God-given mission.

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