Join me in this October scripture study as we look up a Bible verse on trust each day and how we can learn to lean into the Lord.

Learning to Trust in Difficult Times

Prayer is tough.

It’s about faith and believing in what you can’t see or touch. Prayer is about trust.

Here’s something we need to remember about prayer:

God is not our genie.

In our family, we teach our kids to pray as a list of things to be thankful for rather than a list of things we want God to do for us.

When you become an adult, if you still believe this false narrative of God as a genie, prayer becomes more of a checklist of things you want or don’t want:

  • Please give me this job.
  • We need this house.
  • I want to start a family.
  • Protect me from cancer.
  • Don’t let anything bad happen to my children.

There’s nothing wrong with these prayers, but if you put your faith in God as your own personal genie, then your faith foundation will be rocked when the things you pray for don’t pan out.

Isn’t God Our Protector?

God is our protector but his protection goes beyond our physical realm. God’s protection is also in the spiritual realm. He is fighting for us in ways we can’t even imagine.

God’s focus is on spiritual healing and growth over physical comforts, so if what you’re praying is in line with what he wants for you—he promises he will provide. However, with any type of growth comes discomfort. For example, if you pray for patience and goodness, expect that there will be a learning curve to get there.

I believe God has big things in store for us here on earth if we have the faith to pursue them. As a parent, I sometimes let my children fail so that they can grow and learn from the experience. When I allow them to figure things out on their own, they are strengthened by the experience and are able to carry the lesson into their next season of life.

In the Bible, there are times people cry out to God and he comes down in a pillar of fire (Elijah).

Other times he waits and appears to be completely silent. (For centuries before Jesus was born!)

Part of living in faith is learning to trust. Trusting in the Lord means not knowing what he’s doing but believing that he will make good come out of it if we remain faithful.

Trusting in the Lord is not easy and he doesn’t promise that it will be. All God asks of us is that we are obedient and to believe that he is good, he is God and he knows best.

I’m sure you’re in the middle of something you’re having to trust God through. Stay faithful friend—his plans are great.

You can trust him.

October Bible Verses on Trust

This month I want us to focus on what the Bible says about trust in the Lord. Print these Bible verse sheets on trust to get started!

The directions are simple:

  1. Print the scripture page and then make copies of the journaling pages.
  2. Write a scripture each day in the space on the left and then reflect on it in the space on the right.
Verse on trust

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