Join me in this 30-day September scripture study in order to learn about being humble and the different ways we are called to humility.

What Does Scripture Say About Being Humble?

Pride. Success. Credit. Acknowledgment.

We all want to do well in life. To feel proud of ourselves. But how do we distinguish the fine line between self-confidence and selfishness?

The Bible has a lot to say about this. For one, God doesn’t want us to think negatively as a way to stay humble. In fact, he tells us the opposite. Here’s what God says about how we should think of ourselves:

  • Created in the image of God
  • As children of God
  • To think about good things
  • To be strong and persevere
  • Be thankful always
  • Be joyful in all circumstances
  • Not to be timid, but brave

God loves his children and he wants us to feel secure, not ashamed. He has also given us gifts and talents he wants us to share with the world.

Humility comes down to this: What are we boasting about? His glory or our own?

When we succeed, we need to remember:

  • He created your body that allows you to do these things.
  • God designed your brain to solve complex problems and to know the right thing to say.
  • He delivers us from our hardships and turns mourning into laughter.
  • The Lord is the one to be praised in all our successes.

Giving Glory to God

I don’t think any of us intentionally brag about ourselves over God, however, we have not trained ourselves well enough in this area. It’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon of boasting about our own personal successes instead of giving credit where credit is due. It’s a simple mindset change really.

  • Because God ______________, I can _______________.

Let’s boast in the Lord today! Here, I’ll go first:

Because God knows me better than anyone else, I turned to him when I was at my lowest and allowed him to heal me. I am making progress more and more each day because of the wisdom that comes from Him and the faith I have that he can bring good out of bad.

Because God rescued me from my anxiety and depression, I am able to be a better mother and wife to my family.

Because God blessed me with talents of creativity, I now have my own business sharing his truth with others in a way that is helping women in their spiritual growth all around the world!

So what are 3 statements you can make today?

September Scripture Study on Being Humble

This month I want us to focus on where we need to exercise true humility in our lives.

The directions are simple:

  1. First, print the scripture page and make copies of the journaling pages.
  2. Then, write a scripture each day in the space on the left and reflect on it in the space on the right.

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