When you join me for this November scripture study, you’ll learn what these 30 Bible verses have to say on gratitude and thanksgiving.

Being Thankful Despite the Chaos

Gratitude helps center our thoughts. It also allows us to gain perspective. As a parent, I often have to practice this discipline when I feel overwhelmed. A friend explained to me how she often reminds herself to take her daily frustrations and instead turn them into blessings. Her insights were such a sweet display of how the Lord can work in us if we choose to look for his overall goodness in all things. For example:

  • Early mornings = children to love
  • House to clean = safe place to live
  • Dishes to wash = food to eat
  • Laundry = clothes to wear
  • Crumbs under the table = family meals
  • Grocery shopping = money to provide for us
  • Toilets to clean = indoor plumbing
  • Lots of noise = people in my life
  • Endless questions = kids’ brains growing

When I reflected on my own household this week, I enjoyed the challenge of turning these irritations into things to be thankful for. For example:

  • Blankets and snack bags left out = movie nights and cuddles
  • Toothpaste all over the sink = kids that are learning to be independent
  • Tiny pieces of paper on the floor = my children are creative

Learning True Gratitude From the Scriptures

I recently did a personal study of all the instances in the Bible that talk about thanksgiving, in addition to being thankful and expressing gratitude. Equally throughout the Old and New Testament, the Bible is filled with people giving thanks to God. Oftentimes when we think of gratitude, we instantly go to our material possessions. But the Bible’s thankfulness is directed toward one thing–gratitude for God–who He is, how he takes care of us, and what has done and is doing for us.

I am thankful because:

  1. We are made new in Jesus
  2. God is our Father
  3. His love lasts forever
  4. We have freedom from sin
  5. He provides us with clothing
  6. He is preparing a place for us
  7. For every new day
  8. He meets our needs
  9. He calms our fears
  10. That Jesus is our Savior
  11. For God’s faithfulness
  12. For the Holy Spirit
  13. That He knows everything about us
  14. That God is love
  15. For grace and mercy
  16. For the Bible
  17. That He forgives us
  18. For God’s creation
  19. For our meals
  20. That God is always with us
  21. For His wisdom
  22. For eternal life
  23. We can’t be separated from God
  24. For community
  25. For His blessings
  26. That God is good
  27. God gives us hope
  28. He is all-powerful
  29. For the gift of prayer
  30. That God helps us
gratitude scripture

November Bible Verses on Gratitude

Whether you have children or not, it’s a good practice to understand and put into practice what the Bible has to teach us about the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Accordingly, I invite you to write a verse each day this month on gratitude. Lastly, as you journal your thoughts and prayers, take action steps to implement these practices in your own life.

gratitude scripture

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