The Ultimate Family Summer Bucket List Printable

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I had a neighbor when I was young that my brother and I hung out with from dawn to dusk every day in the summer. We lived in a suburb outside of DC and enjoyed snow in the winter and changing leaves in the autumn. But summertime…summertime was our time. It was when we ruled the neighborhood.

As the oldest in the group, I headed up “field trips” to the community pool, and we created our own “Summertime Kids’ Club” complete with dues and a newsletter.

We lived in a neighborhood where you could shoot fireworks in the front yard on the Fourth of July and catch lightning bugs in the backyard. So as a mom, I can’t help but want to bring a little bit of that magic back to my own children’s summers.

Summertime is unique in that you don’t have to find as much time to squeeze family activities in. More times than not, most parents are desperate to find something to fill the time they have while the kids are home for summer.

While there is value in teaching kids that it’s ok to be bored, find ways to spend time together and create those fun family memories you’ve always wanted.

So print your Summer Bucket List today and start making memories to last a lifetime!


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Happy Summer!

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