Pamper Yourself this Mother’s Day with 4 Ways to Unwind

This Mother’s Day, do something that takes care of you, mama! I show you my favorite ways to pamper yourself and focus on self care.

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Hey mama, you did it! You made it through the weirdest year of all time! Some of you became mothers, some grandmothers, others homeschool teachers…and hopefully you are seeing the light at the end of this crazy tunnel.

It seems that mental health awareness is all around us, and it’s no coincidence that this year it was brought to our attention. 2020 was rough, and 2021 hasn’t been the walk in the park we wanted either. But I hope that you have found your own silver lining amidst the chaos.

What I want you to do, right now, is plan some way to celebrate all you’ve accomplished as a mother this past year.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up for our failures as parents–but give yourself some grace. If you’re trying your best, you are doing a good job. If you worry if you’re doing things right, you’re doing a good job. Anyone who is continually looking for ways to be a better parent, is a good parent. Give yourself some credit, mama. This year was intense.

And those kids who make you want to pull out your hair and hug them tight all at the same time, they love you.


I remember one of my first Mother’s Days, my husband’s gift to me was watching our toddler so I could do whatever I wanted. I felt guilty at first for not spending the holiday with my son, but the physical and mental break helped me reset and refocus on what it meant to parent well.

It’s ok to need a breather, to take a break from each other every once in awhile–that’s why I recommend date nights! This week we finally ventured back out into society, and one of the first things I did was call the babysitter.

You are not failing if you need a break from your kids. You are human. I want to remind you that you are the exact mama your kids need. And you’re doing great. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas!


So now that I’ve convinced you that it’s ok to take a minute for yourself this Mother’s Day, here are my favorite ways to unwind when I’m in need of some alone time:

1. Mini Makeover

What makes you feel refreshed? Is it a massage, a manicure, a wardrobe change? I love the way professional nail polish looks even if I only get it done a few times a year. Another thing that always gets me out of a funk is updating my hairstyle. If you’ve followed me over the years, you know I don’t stick with the same style for long!

Sometimes I just need something comfy to wear. These tees from Crazy Cool Threads have really been cheering me up when I wear them out. Plus they’re made of that really soft material I love so that I can tie the corner in a knot to feel more feminine in a t-shirt…

They even have some cute Mother’s Day tees! Here are my favorites right now:

2. Bookstore Browsing

For all the holidays that I receive gifts, I always ask for books. Lots of them. So when I get a minute to myself, my favorite place to go is to the bookstore. It could be the library, a used bookstore or Barnes and Noble—I love them all the same. Something about all the things to be discovered really gets me excited. Throw in a pretty cover and I’m hooked. Lately I’ve been devouring all kinds of memoirs, self-help and Bible study resources.

My favorites publishers are Zondervan, Flow Magazine, Chronicle Books, and Thomas Nelson (to name a few). Here are some guaranteed to pump you up:

3. Coffee Shop Writing

I am a walking cliche. I love to write in a coffee shop. If I’m going to read, I have to have a cozy chair, and those are usually gone too fast in a coffee shop, so I read at home, and write in public. You don’t have to be writing the next great American novel to be a writer, you can journal, start your own blog, write an old-fashioned letter by snail mail, or work through your next big plans on a spreadsheet.

Either way, I highly recommend finding a coffee shop you love, and regularly going by yourself to work on something that cheers you up. Talk about feeling refreshed—this one tops my list. Looking for a notebook to get you inspired? Here are a few I love:

Thoughts - Scripture Journal with The Comfort Promises? Your Word Is a Lamp to Guide My Feet - Christian Journal Paint Brush - Prayer Journal

4. Spiritual “Retreat”

I’ve been fortunate to have time to myself now that the kids are back in school, and many times I find I enjoy a quiet house where I can mentally reset my mind. I’ve learned quite a bit about the benefits of meditation over the years through the free Headspace app, and of course winding down with a warm bath helps calm my nerves. But the thing that helps the most is when I get out my Bible and pray over the Psalms, journal my thoughts, or set some new spiritual goals.

The day to day busyness causes me to put a lot of this on the back burner, and oftentimes I need a reset on my spiritual life—a reminder that prayer and study is vital to my wellbeing, not just another thing on my to-do list.

If you find yourself stagnant, or uninspired these days, I challenge you to look at why. Are you avoiding changes you need to make in your own personal life? Are you blocking out the hard stuff because it’s easier to just go through the motions? Don’t settle for survival mode or avoidance. It’s a lonely place to be. Dig into your Bible today and be encouraged! He’s got you!

Here are my new favorites in Bible study:

Illustrating Bible - NIV - Gray Jesus Calling - Textured Gray Leathersoft Edition with Full Scriptures Bible Promises for the Enneagram - Gift Book


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Happy Mother’s Day!


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