Create a little Christmas movie magic with these 10 ideas for your next family night (plus a unique snack to go along—no cooking required!).

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Christmas movie for kids


Two things I love most: movies and treats. One thing I’m not such a fan of: cooking. Here I’ve rounded up 10 Christmas movies for kids that you watch with your family this month plus a unique snack to go along (no cooking required!).

However, there is one exception with the Christmas Cornflake Wreaths, because it reminds me of my grandma and I can’t find them in stores—you won’t want to miss it!

So make time to have a family night or two and make a little Christmas movie magic in your home. Try out at least one new Christmas movie for kids and vote on your favorites!


Christmas movie for kids

1. Elf + Hershey’s Mix

Remember the scene where Buddy makes spaghetti with syrup and candy? Well, I didn’t think you’d want to go there with this snack, so I found an alternative. Grab this Hershey’s mix or make your own holiday trail mix to go along with the movie. If you really want to be authentic, chug a coke and have a burping contest!

Christmas movie for kids

2. Rudolph + Peppermint Bark

There’s nothing that reminds me more of my childhood Christmases than watching Rudolph. This year I’m adding the Abominable Snowman and a few Misfit toys to my outdoor Christmas scene. Try a bite (or two!) of this peppermint bark to get in a wintery mood!

Christmas movie for kids

3. The Grinch + Cornflake Wreaths

I am not a fan of cooking, so I love a good shortcut, but these can’t be replaced with anything store bought. The kids and I love dying the marshmallows green as we melt them and make a cornflake version of Rice Krispy Treats. Shape them into little wreaths, add red hots for berries and let them cool! Enjoy your green treat while you watch the Grinch’s heart shrink two sizes too small.

Christmas movie for kids

4. Frosty the Snowman + Snowballs

Another Christmas Movie classic from my childhood, you’ll be stuck with this song in your head long after you finish the show! Snuggle up during this chilly movie and share a few white cheddar Snowballs from Utz!

Christmas movie for kids

5. Mickey’s Christmas Carol + Christmas tree cakes

While there have been many versions of this classic Dicken’s tale, this one is by far my favorite. This 30 minute film aired on the Disney Channel each Christmas when I was a kid. Of course, this has to be paired with another childhood classic, Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes!

Christmas movie for kids

6. Santa Clause + Christmas tree cookies

While kids these days have no idea what Home Improvement was, I watched every episode growing up. At the height of his career, Tim Allen starred in The Santa Clause, a movie which my children are convinced is a documentary of our modern day Santa…Make your house smell like Christmas by making these ready-to-bake Christmas Tree Cookies!

Christmas movie for kids

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas + Christmas Pretzels

Oh Charlie Brown, you’re the best! Introduce your children to this sweet little guy who can’t seem to catch a break. After watching him get a bag full of rocks at Halloween, it’s nice to see his friends finally rally around him and give him the Christmas he deserves. For a break from the sweets, check out these adorable Christmas-themed pretzels that your kids will want to play with before eating!

8. Home Alone + Holiday Popcorn

Last year I finally introduced this “real people” movie to my kids and they laughed hysterically as Kevin McAllister outwits two robbers. You’re going to need to snack for awhile with all these movies to watch.

9. Jingle All the Way + Holiday Nuts

The movie my husband loves to hate. Between the terrible acting and the cheesy dialogue, is the genius that is Sinbad. Yep—Sinbad. If you haven’t seen this, you’re missing out. Hysterical. Also check out Phil Hartman in this during his prime SNL days. Since most of the characters in this film are a bit crazy, I decided to pair this with some holiday nuts. Pun intended.

10. The Polar Express + Hot Chocolate

You can’t call it Christmas without finishing up with this cozy movie. Get fancy, or make it simple as you drink hot chocolate during the ticketing scene.


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Merry Christmas!