Study the book of Nahum and Habakkuk in the Bible when you use these printable outlines to discover historical events, timelines, and themes.

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Remember those guys in Nineveh that Jonah preached to and they repented? Well, it’s 150 years later and God’s had enough of these clowns. The Ninevites are the people who live in Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrians.

Known for their brutality because they tortured through impaling, beheading, or burning their enemies, the Assyrian empire struck fear in every nearby nation. No wonder Jonah feared speaking to them, let alone angered at God’s compassion for them!

But now it’s time for them to pay. They’ve gone back to their old ways and now the prophet Nahum is telling them destruction is coming. There’s no call for repentance this time.

So in 612 BC, the city of Nineveh is finally destroyed, allowing the Babylonian empire to take over and rule instead of Assyria.

Book nahum


The terrible Assyrians overthrow the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 BC. Over time, the people of Judah are threatened with a takeover by the Babylonians who have conquered the Assyrians. Habakkuk, a prophet of Judah, doesn’t see this as a fair trade. The Babylonians are oppressing the Israelites as well!

He questions God’s methods and asked why he would let evil go unpunished. Habakkuk knows a complete Babylonian takeover is coming for the southern kingdom (and it will, starting in 605 BC). When God answers that the Israelites need punishment because of their own wickedness, Habakkuk reminds him that the Babylonians are even more wicked than they are!

God’s answer is not to change his mind, but to confirm, that yes, both nations will be punished eventually. However, he goes on to say that he will redeem the Israelites because of the promises made to their ancestors.


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Book nahum


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