The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

We tease my mom because she can find a reason to celebrate anything. No matter how big or small, she always has a backup set of party napkins to throw on the table so she can call it a party.

I remember her lighting candles at dinnertime once a week and turning off the lights just so she could call it fancy.

She would make popcorn and tell us all to get a blanket and pillows so we could watch a movie in the dark because it made movie night scarier.

Blankets became forts and flashlights became storytelling time.

As much as we tease her for making a big plan out of something as simple as running an errand, the creativity she modeled for us as children are some of our favorite things to pass on as parents.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of school starting and sports practices and fundraisers and finishing homework, that we miss the opportunity to play. But if you’re not scheduling it into your week, it may get missed, and play is when most of us come alive–we find connection, we relax, we lower our stress levels, we discover our passions.

For the next three months, commit to doing a few of your favorites off this list every week. Don’t make this something else to complete or stress about, use it as a reference. Check them off as you do them or check off the ones that sound fun to your family.

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