Feeling fearful for your kids? You’re not alone. Turn your worry-filled what-ifs into hope-filled dreams of what your kids can become when you focus on positive parenting by pointing them to Jesus.

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Positive parenting


A few years ago, I watched my son light up as he realized his friend was in the car in front of us. Usually sluggish, he zipped out of the car, not even looking back for a good-bye hug and ran to meet up with his five year old friend and big brother. “A FIRST GRADER, MOM!”

It was the first week of “real school” and I was already worried. Would he always be safe, smart and make good choices? Of course not.

Here he was, a Kindergartner, and I already worried if he would be a responsible high schooler.

We should have the expectation that our kids will sin. That they will fail…and that will be okay. Because while they’re still in our homes, we can be the guiding light for them. To help them find out who they are, who God wants them to be.

Positive parenting


A parenting teacher once told me to decide now how I will react if my biggest fears for my children’s choices come true. The point was to be intentional in your responses–not react out of fear, but love.

But for a second, let’s stop going through the list in our minds of all the terrible things that could happen to our children. Instead of what if they get into a car wreck/do drugs/get pregnant (or whatever torture your mind is putting you through), what if we started to believe the best could happen to our children?

What if I raise a child who becomes a leader among their peers and influences them to make better choices?

What if they become a missionary or head up a charity for kids?

What if they’re destined for something so great, I can’t even imagine it?

What would it hurt to start believing the best and letting go of the rest?

It’s been proven that when you practice positive self-talk, you are more likely to reach your goals, become more confident and succeed in your job. Flip the switch and become aware of what you believe about your children. Practice more positive parenting by telling them these things.

Positive parenting


Here are a few hopeful things to say to your children:

  • You are brave and bold and I am proud of you. You will be a great leader one day.
  • You have a strong heart for others. I see you making a difference to many when you get older.
  • I am so excited to watch you grow. You are going to do great things.
  • I love how much you trust in the Lord. That is such a good lesson you’re already learning that you will use as you get older.
  • Jesus sees how you help your brother all the time. He is so proud of you and loves you so much.


What positive parenting habits are you implementing in your household that help your children direct their actions into ones you are raising them to follow?

Here are a few easy ways to create “holy habits” in your household all year long:

  • Pray before dinner
  • Have your kids start a prayer journal
  • They have to say 3 nice things about their sibling if they’re fighting
  • Learn about and practice the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Let them pick out their own personal Bible and read it before school
  • Worship together on Sundays
  • Thank God for 3 things on the way to school
  • Listen to praise music when they’re getting ready in the morning

And finally, be open and honest with your kids. If you want them to come to you about the big things later in life, you have to be available. Another great option is to surround yourself with Christian families and mentors your children feel comfortable going to as well, such as a relative, coach, minister, or family friend at church.

Ultimately it comes down to trust, and we need to remember that we are not alone when it comes to parenting our kids. God is with us and he knows our children better than we do. Pray for them daily, model the fruit of the spirit, and learn to be more of a listener than a lecturer.


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You are doing great mama. You’ve got this!