My Book List of What I Read (and Loved!) in 2019

Out of the 45 books I read last year, here’s my book list that I recommend from memoirs and Bible studies to art workbooks.

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I’ve been on Goodreads for over ten years and I’m still going strong. Why? Because if you love to read, Goodreads is the place to discover what’s trending and what your friends are reading. For someone like me who loves to write, I love being able to document every book I’ve ever read. I’m currently at 374 and nerd out over updating my page status.

The first year I started at 20 books and have now worked up to 45 books in 2019!

I’ve highlighted my favorites for you to browse. Find something that interests you and share books you recommend as well!


  1. HOW TO DRAW MODERN FLORALS by Alli Koch. I took a class by this artist at a Pinner’s Conference and her Instagram page is one of my favorites! Relaxing art workbook for drawing flowers in a simple way.
  2. STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST by Austin Kleon. A small, basic book on not taking yourself too seriously and really practicing what you love! It challenges you to learn from the greats and use their knowledge to hone your own skills. Fun and quick read.


  1. SEAMLESS by Angie Smith. This is a great beginner’s Bible study workbook because it simplifies the Bible by putting everything you read into context. Includes free videos on YouTube! Oh and she’s speaking at our church’s women’s conference this year so I am PUMPED.
  2. JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young. I’m not a big fan of daily Bible devotional books, but this one is one I recommend ALL THE TIME. She references Bible verses and weaves them into a conversation between you and Jesus. Beautifully written, and she also has Chronic Lyme so it felt super relatable.
  3. CHRONIC HEALING by Courtney Cohen. Written by a girl who suffers from type 1 diabetes, this Bible study workbook is a great tool for any believer trying to navigate life with a chronic illness.


  1. FLOW: 19 DAYS OF MINDFULNESS. OBSESSED. I discovered their magazine, which led me to their calendars and notepads, and quarterly specials. So now I’ve started a new collection… It’s a journal/art book/creative/self-care outlet for any woman who loves creating pretty much anything.
  2. SECRETS OF LONGEVITY: HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO LIVE TO BE 100. Just a simple book with lots of tips on health. Many of these I’ve discovered over the past five years in dealing with my own health problems. Great practical tips from Chronicle Books, another one of my favorite publishers!
  3. A SIMPLIFIED LIFE by Emily Ley. A great motivator for me to organize things in my life in a simpler way. Puts the focus on doing things more efficiently rather than having more things to manage.


  1. NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry. I reread this historical teen fiction book that we were assigned in 7th grade. It’s a great book when you want to teach your kids about WWII without going into all the grown-up details…
  2. CHRISTMAS SHOPAHOLIC by Sophie Kinsella. My favorite fiction author added a new book to her series! Always hilarious, stress-free, easy reading.
  3. I OWE YOU ONE by Sophie Kinsella. A book about a girl who saves a guy’s laptop from being ruined so he, in turn, owes her one. This then leads into a series of hilarious reasons why they each owe each other favors. Great beach read.


  1. INSIGNIFICANT by Chris Travis. Written by a guy who left his cushy pastor position to teach in the worst middle school in New York. He tells the story of how he felt drawn to take the job and why after the worst year of his life, he decided to stay on another year. It shows how we think we know ourselves and how deep our faith and trust in the Lord is until trials really hit us. It also explores whether or not there really is peace and growth on the other side of trusting God through hardships.
  2. IMPERFECT COURAGE by Jessica Honegger. SO GOOD. Written by the creator of Noonday, the world’s largest fair trade jewelry company, this book goes through the journey of one woman’s mission to follow what she felt God was leading her to do even when it didn’t make sense. This book inspired me as a creator, a blogger, a mom and a Christian.
  3. EVERYBODY ALWAYS by Bob Goff. This is the second book by Bob Goff, a man who is really unique in how he views the world. I’m always inspired by experiences he jumps on because he trusts God to provide for him in his life. Hilarious, courageous, adventurous, easy, fast read.
  4. IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY by Lysa TerKeurst. Christian living book by Lysa TerKeurst about being a successful Christian author and then going through a divorce. She offers advice and hope on how to navigate life’s detours.


  1. EDUCATED by Tara Westover – My favorite memoir of last year. This book has everyone talking who has read it. It’s the true story about a girl raised away from society and taught that the government was evil and out to get her. Later she enters society shocked at the knowledge she acquires of the real world. Must read!
  2. LOVE FROM BOY by Roald Dahl. My favorite childhood author, Roald Dahl wrote a series of letters to his mother when he was away at boarding school. He continued to write when he was enlisted in the Second World War and as an adult traveling the world. Not a book for kids, but you’ll love it all the same as he tells stories of his visits to the White House, writing for the New Yorker and the trouble he gets into just being…himself.
  3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Written before his death, you get a sneak peek into his life from the viewpoint of a Reverend, something that oftentimes get overlooked. You see his passion for helping others is born out of his first love for his Savior.


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  1. I’ve joined Goodreads but I am so awful at actually keeping up with what I’m reading on there. Looks like a great year of reading. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  2. I’ve been wanting to read Austin Kleon. I follow his blog but haven’t read any of his books. Thanks for this great list. So many books I’d love to read here! Including Insignificant.

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