What the Bible Says About the Power of Mindset

See what the Bible has to say about the power of mindset in dealing with fear and anxiety in this printable four week Bible study.


I’ve always been a worrier and have struggled with the downward spiral of worry since I was a child. I’m sure many of you can relate, as this seems to become more and more of a problem now with the amount of information being thrown at us every day.

I don’t watch the news very often—not because I want to put blinders on, but because it causes me anxiety if I keep up with it daily. The whole premise of news channels are to get you to keep watching by using scare tactics. You keep coming back because of the “what if” they’ve taunted you with.

While there are reasons to keep up with the news, not all outlets are healthy for our minds. You know the people—the ones who live with the news channel on 24/7 and those who fill up their Facebook feeds with every terrifying article they come across. We have to strike a heathy balance between feeding our mind with knowledge and feeding it with fear.

As we think, we change the physical nature of our brain. As we consciously direct our thinking, we can wire out toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts.”

-DR. CAROLINE LEAF from “Switch on Your Brain”

One way to determine if you are filling your mind with unhealthy sources, is to ask yourself:

  • What do I think about most of the day?
  • What do I worry about? Where does that worry stem from?
  • Am I worrying about an actual problem in my life or what ifs?
  • Are my thoughts mostly optimistic or pessimistic?
  • What do I talk to others about most of the day? Is it feeding my thoughts in a positive or negative way?

I know my limits, and you know yours. You may be perfectly fine with watching the news every day, I’m not. My head can’t handle it. I get nightmares and have panic attacks if I expose myself to too much bad news. But I absolutely recognize that everyone doesn’t respond to bad news in exactly the same way.


So as you go about your week, make a list of the things you expose your mind to, and write down your moods throughout the day. Do you feel happier when you are working on a project or reading a book? Does calling a friend help your stress level? Do you need to take more mental breaks from your job during the day?

What patterns can you find in your week that lead to unhealthy thoughts? Do you need to unfollow some negative people on social media? Do you need to quit watching that show that is so addictive, but causes more stress after you watch it? Should you put a limit on the time you spend reading about COVID-19?

What about positive moments in your day? What brings them on? Is it a certain kind of music you listen to, getting outside in the fresh air? Reading an exciting book? Watching a feel-good movie?

Make your list and track your moods. You’ll discover a lot about yourself as far as what is feeding your soul, and what is tearing it down when you look over your entries for the week.


For week 3, I’ve created a few that I hope will be helpful in making yourself more aware and intentional in your thoughts. Scroll down to see how to use the pages.


Verse Reference Sheet (Highlight the relevant phrases and then check off the boxes as you look them up in your Bible).
Coloring Page for you to color and write the verse that speaks to you (Choose a verse from page one, add it and color!).
Activity and Mood Journaling Page to track your moods and possible triggers.
“What Inspires You” Worksheet to help you pinpoint people or ideas you can turn to when you need to refocus your thoughts.


Let me encourage you through my Fear + Anxiety Workbook. It’s Bible-based and walks you through 4 weeks of studying about fear, peace, trials and mindset. You can order it in my shop:

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You may also enjoy reading about meditation, which is a practice I use to check in with myself and calm my anxiety. While you may never be completely free of worry, you can take steps to cope with it through awareness of your mindset. Practice awareness of your thoughts this week and direct them to the One who knows you best.

He’s got this!



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