Fear Series Week 2: What the Bible Says About Peace

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I’d been ok with staying home, until yesterday. Yesterday it seems I came to terms with this new reality of the times we’re living in and frankly it began to freak me out.

The kids are arguing a lot, I’m starting to yell and have panic attacks, and the restrictions are getting more intense each day. So yesterday, I told the kids to get a snack and their shoes on and meet me in the car. I realized we hadn’t left the house in over two weeks! My husband has been running our errands, and I’d been bedridden, so we literally only went out to take walks.

The kids and I were in meltdown mode. My husband threw a few camping chairs in the car and went back to working remotely in his office, while I drove the kids to a grassy field by the library. We set out our chairs, and did something quietly we each enjoyed. I listened to a Bible lesson from a class at church, Henry drew in a sketchbook and Lucy played a magnetic dress up game.

We breathed a little slower, sat a little stiller and relaxed a little easier.

Each of us needed a break, a new perspective. We needed peace.

The world is craving peace right now. Some are turning to friends for advice, self-medicating to escape, or trying to eat/shop/read/watch their way through this craziness. But while I know getting outside helped calm me for a few hours, once we were back in the swing of things at home, my anxiety started right back up again.


In the past I’ve tried spa days, medications, reading, shopping and many other remedies to help myself calm down. While these all provide temporary help, they aren’t transforming me in a way that refines my character. What we really need is character growth, not a symptom cover-up. I love being able to escape in a book or a movie, but at some point I have to deal with the real emotions I’m feeling.

When I turn on the news, I feel fear. When I open my Bible, I see a glimpse of peace. I see hope and truth and love and encouragement. Let me take you through a few places in the Bible that help direct you toward cultivating a peaceful lifestyle even when things around you feel out of control.


This week, I have 4 Printables on Finding Peace. Print yours here and scroll down to see how to use the pages.


PAGE 1 – Peace Verse Reference Sheet on my favorite “peace” verses (Highlight the word “peace” and then check off the boxes as you look them up in your Bible)
PAGE 2 – Peace Verse Coloring Page for you to write the verse that speaks to you (Choose a verse from page one, write it and color!)
PAGE 3 – Gratitude Journaling Page to write out what you’re thankful for even in this hectic time
PAGE 4 – Quarantine Bucket List to help you create times of fun and creativity throughout the week so that you have activities to look forward to!


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Please let me know if I can pray for you, by commenting below. Praying for peace in this storm!


  1. These printables are great! Thank you! I know how you feel with the anxiety. I’ve been anxious a lot more lately, too. I’ve been digging into my Bible study, but if I hear or see anything about what’s going on in the world I start to feel panic again. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

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