The Ultimate Family Winter Bucket List Printable


I grew up in Virginia which meant snow in the wintertime. I remember having two weeks of snow days built into our school year and still going over the limit. We had blizzards that got us a week of school off at a time and the snow was past my knees. We had so much snow that we built snowman families, covered the yard in snow angels and piled snow to make forts. We had sledding competitions with the neighbors and one year made a tunnel out of snow.


I want to recreate fun memories from my childhood as often as I can, but living in Texas, we rarely see snow. The last time we had a snow/ice storm here, my daughter was two months old, so I think we’re due for another cozy weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve created this winter bucket list to highlight all of the other ways we can create traditions in our family. I love surprising the kids with hot cocoa and going on a drive to see Christmas lights, or making green cornflake wreaths to eat while we watch The Grinch.

I would love for you to print our list and make it your own this winter! I’ll post a spring one in March, so you have three months to get as much done as you can! Enjoy your family, and practice slowing down to make memories this winter. Don’t let the winter blues get you down, but be intentional in creating traditions your children will pass on to their kids.


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I’m hoping for snow this winter! Are you?


  1. SO CUTE! I absolutely love your checklist, it truly makes me appreciate the holiday with my family and kiddos. thanks for sharing!

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