How to Use Watercolor Paint for Beginners

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Watercolor is such a unique art medium and one of my favorite ways to paint because of the simplicity of cleanup. You can set out your paint, let it dry and use it again! But there’s much more to watercolor than the little palette your kids use in preschool.

Let me walk you through my favorite tools for beginners and tips to paint for the first time! Don’t be intimidated, I’ll take it slow. Ready to learn? Let’s go:


Here are the techniques covered in the video:

  1. Dry on Dry = Dry Brush on Dry Paper
  2. Wet on Dry = Wet Brush on Dry Paper
  3. Wet on Wet = Wet Brush on Wet Paper
  4. Dry on Wet = Dry Brush on Wet Paper
  5. 2 Color Wet on Wet
  6. Light = Dip in color 2-3 times
  7. Dark = Dip in color 4+ times
  8. Dry on Dry detailing
  9. Wet on Dry detailing
  10. Wet on Wet detailing
  11. Dry on Wet detailing
  12. Sponge = create effects
  13. Blend = one color into another
  14. Shade = dark to light tones
  15. 2 Layers = wait for the first to dry

Watch the video for directions and take a look at my sample:

You can also try a variety of different watercolor charts, from simply charting the colors in your palette, creating a value study, a blending experiment or color wheel.


Here are a few sample paintings I displayed in the video using the techniques mentioned above:

Don’t have any supplies? You can shop for all my favorite watercolor basics products here:


Here are a few of my watercolor prints you can order in my Etsy shop!

12 Herbs Illustration $10 in 8×10 or 5×7
8 Herbs Illustration $10 in 8×10 or 5×7


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  4. More coming soon!

Thanks for watching and happy painting!

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