The Best Movies of 2019 + A Few You Can Skip

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Whenever my husband and I get away for a date night, we always end up doing the same thing because we love it: going to park the movies. Our favorites are dinner-and-a-movie places, which work out better in the long run with paying a babysitter.

Here are the 2019 releases I saw this year:


TOY STORY 4 – I cried laughing at Forky in more than one scene. A definite must for any Toy Story fans. The ending left me convinced there has to be more down the road…

THE LION KING – This live-action remake of the Disney classic does not disappoint. My husband and son saw it twice in theaters and I was so impressed with how realistic the animals were. They kept it pretty true to the original script!

FROZEN 2 – While my kids liked this even more than the original, I felt the storyline was a little confusing and enjoyed the first one better. Either way, they are both great films and the songs will definitely be stuck in your head!

ALADDIN – Because I grew up on the 90s version of this film, I had to check out this live-action remake. While my kids loved it, I was fine with only seeing it once. I just couldn’t get into the Will Smith version of the Genie.

DUMBO – I’m not a Tim Burton fan (except for Edward Scissorhands because it’s hilarious), so I didn’t really enjoy this much. My kids, however, wanted to watch it again the next morning! I think the depressing original must have scarred me for life so I had too much to compare it to…

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD – My husband and I both have been are fans of How to Train Your Dragon movies because they’re ones we actually enjoy seeing at the theater with our kids.

DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD – I was never into Dora the Explorer as a kid, and neither were my children, but I loved the style they did this movie in. It reminded me of a kid version of Indiana Jones. I bought this for us to watch on New Year’s Eve.

DETECTIVE PIKACHU – My son was obsessed with Pokémon for the last two years so he had to see this one. Super goofy and weird, but worth the watch for any Pokémon fans.


JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL – Super cheesy, but worth watching if you enjoyed the original and the remake!

WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? – This movie is based on a really popular book (which actually I couldn’t get into so I put it down) but the movie didn’t disappoint! I love Kate Blanchett so I was drawn to give it a try again and I’m so glad I did. It’s a movie about finding yourself after life lets you down.

TOLKIEN – This movie is based on the life of J.R.Tolkien and more of a love story than anything. I’m not a big Lord of the Rings fan (gasp!) but I really enjoyed learning about his personal life.

STRANGER THINGS: Season 3 – I think this was my favorite of all the seasons—I don’t know though because they’ve all been so good! The first season was fun because it was all new, the second was a little dark, but the third season was funnier than the others. I loved Steve in this one! Must see!


EXTREMELY WICKED SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE – I was cautious at first because it’s about a serial killer, but they didn’t show anything and most of the movie was courtroom drama. (Think The People vs OJ Simpson). I’ve been recommending it to people because it’s told from the point of view of his wife and how she believed he was innocent the whole time. It’s creepy how you almost want to believe he’s telling the truth because his character is so convincing.

HONEY BOY – Shia wrote this true story when he was in rehab and was diagnosed with PTSD from his traumatic childhood. While he was off filming popular shows like Even Stevens, he was living a terrible family life. Sad, funny, encouraging, strange. Must see for Shia LeBeouf fans.

PEANUT BUTTER FALCON – MY FAVORITE FROM LAST YEAR!! I originally didn’t put this in the post because I’d never heard of it, but later a friend told me to watch this. So glad for the recommendation! About two outcasts who become unlikely friends.

ROCKETMAN – I always like a good music “documentary” and this movie based on the life of Elton John left me sad and shocked to see what he went through in his lifetime. I really had no knowledge of his personal life and found this “musical” very eye opening.

JOJO RABBIT – This moving was hilarious and heartbreaking. A young German boy is recruited into Hitler’s Youth Army, and obtains an imaginary friend (Hitler), believing that he is the greatest leader (and best friend) of all. He comes to find out that the things he learns about Jews don’t add up when he meets a young Jewish girl his mother is hiding in his home.

JUDY – Interesting because of the “true story” factor, but I was hoping for more information on when she was filming The Wizard of Oz. Mostly focuses on her adult career.


AD ASTRA – I was so bored with this one. I thought it would be about aliens or something cool and it was just a sad film about a son and his dad. Next time bring on the lasers and spaceships!

JOKER – While this story was well done and the acting was superb, I left totally freaked out and disturbed by the evil in this film. Watch the Dark Knight Trilogy instead.

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS – I actually fell asleep watching this, not because I don’t like Godzilla movies, but because it was cheesy and the storyline was awful.

STUBER – I saw this in the theater with a friend because not much was showing at the time. I had a few laughs, but overall, I felt the writing was trying too hard to be the Hangover or something.

PET SEMETARY – My husband and I both regretted sitting through the entire thing in the theater, which doesn’t happen often. Completely done with Stephen King stuff. Skip this one.

SERENITY – Yay! Matthew McConaughey and Anna Hathaway. Um, nope. Lots of eye rolling throughout this movie. The twists were confusing and ridiculous and the acting was disappointing. Bummed.


LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott



BOMBSHELL – Fox Newswomen

1917 – World War I mission

JUST MERCY – a true story of justice for black inmates on death row

DARK WATERS – a true story about a city with contaminated water

HARRIET – Harriet Tubman


Thanks for going to the movies with me! What did you watch this year? I’d love to hear from you—especially if there’s any you recommend that I may have missed. I have a group just for us to share our favorite books, movies and music and YOU’RE INVITED! Click here to join.

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Happy New Year!

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