• 14 Pieces of Advice from my 14 Years in a Christian Marriage

    Learn healthier ways to deal with marriage problems with these 14 pieces of advice for Christian marriages. Love and Marriage In the beginning, you dated each other–you were kind, you hid your flaws, you surprised each other, you wrote sweet notes of encouragement and love. What happened? You got comfortable. You started acting like the […]

  • Set Couples Goals in This Marriage Growth Workbook

    We all can use advice in our marriage no matter how long we’ve been together. Pursue growth in your marriage as you set couple relationship goals in this Marriage Growth Workbook. MAKING YOUR MARRIAGE LAST After 14 years I can say that the best thing we ever did for our marriage was to intentionally invest […]

  • Celebrate with these Family-Friendly St Patrick’s Day Activities

    Be intentional in celebrating the holidays this year by creating St Patrick’s Day activities itinerary for food, family and fun activities!  *This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure for details. CELEBRATE WITH THESE ST PATRICK’S DAY ACTIVITIES Part of my switch to more intentional living was to put family events on the […]

  • Simple Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

    Continuing to date even as a married couple is a wonderful way to reconnect with one another. So check out this list of date night ideas for married couples! MONTHLY DATE NIGHT AS A MARRIED COUPLE My husband and I have been married for 16 years so one thing I’ve learned is that Date Night […]