21 Apps To Help You Practice Mindfulness

Check out these 21 apps I love for self-care and mindfulness. From creativity to yoga, these apps inspire and motivate me throughout the day.

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Mindfulness apps


With the busyness of modern living, it can be hard to remember to take time and be present. Survival mode is most common when you haven’t put practices in place that allow you to recharge and reset. Things like scheduling date nights with your spouse or even something as simple as eating a meal without any other distraction can be extremely beneficial to your mindset.

For those of us addicted to our phones (me…), apps like Facebook, while fun and helpful at times, can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated long after you log off. This week, I’ve rearranged my phone to have my self-care apps front and center, and others on the second or third pages. Then when I find myself “playing” on my phone, I’m more apt to go to things that encourage and inspire, rather than stress me out.

So move over news outlets and bank statements…Mama needs to chill today…


From creativity to yoga, I use all kinds of mindfulness apps to inspire and motivate me throughout the day.

Mindfulness apps


  • GOODREADS: This is like Facebook for Books! You can track every book you’ve ever read, review them for others and also see what your friends are reading. My favorite feature is setting my yearly Goodreads Goal. Let’s be friends!
  • HOOPLA: You need a local library card for this one, but it allows you to rent tons of audiobooks, e-books and movies for free each month! I use this to browse digital picture books for my kids, watch movies when I travel and listen to audiobooks.
  • OVERDRIVE: This one also requires a library card, but it offers free books to use on your Kindle! Just like Hoopla, these are real bestsellers you pay $30 for at the store!
Mindfulness apps


  • YOUVERSION: This app is perfect for Bible study, church or just having on-the-go when you don’t have your Bible. You can use it for simple verse lookup or search by topic, or select a reading plan. Lots of info in this free app!
  • RIGHTNOW MEDIA: This app is filled with video Bible studies and kid resources like Veggie Tales!
  • STUDY GATEWAY: Similar to RightNow Media, you can access tons of Bible studies!
Mindfulness apps


  • RELAX MELODIES: Create your own nature sounds or background noise in order to unwind or help with sleep. Love the customization options!
  • HEADSPACE: This is my favorite meditation app because of its fun design and non-intimidating meditation practices. Enjoy tutorials with cute animated videos and learn to use meditation for any issue you’re dealing with. I love the pain management practices.
  • SIMPLE HABIT: My second favorite mindfulness app. This one has an unlimited number of teachers so you can pick and choose which voice appeals to you during your practice.


  • DOWN DOG: Free yoga workouts with a variety of options! In addition, you can customize your music selection and even skip songs.
  • SWORKIT: This was a life saver for the first few weeks of quarantine when the rain wouldn’t stop. These customized workouts for kids and adults are set to music with simple videos and directions. My kids used this for “PE time”.
  • GO NOODLE: When we didn’t need an entire workout, I used this fun app to give the kids a “brain break” before moving onto the next school assignment. Free and silly videos that get your kids moving!


  • REMINISCE JOURNAL: A basic journal app that lets you write free from distraction. Saves each entry in calendar mode too.
  • IA WRITER: I just discovered this simple writing app and love it! Sometimes I need a break from all the bells and whistles and just want a place to organize my thoughts. This low price is worth the purchase for this mindfulness app.
  • NOTES: For organizing random lists in my head, this has always been my go-to. Store birthdays, grocery list, bucket lists, passwords, etc.


  • PINTEREST: This is Google for Creatives. Any time I need inspiration for an art project or want to get organized, Pinterest is my go-to. View my boards here.
  • INSTAGRAM: I started out using mine as a personal Art Portfolio to build confidence in my skill. Let’s be friends!
  • YOUTUBE: Want to learn something for free? This is a great place to start! It’s how my husband has learned to restore old motorcycles and where I learned to use a serger. Great videos tutorials on painting, macrame and all things creative!


  • PODCASTS: Ok, I thought podcasts were a thing of the past, but really they are even more popular than ever! You can use these on road trips to pass the time, or listen to self-help for motivation while getting ready in the morning. My favorites are Goal Digger, Going Scared, Ann Kroeker, RISE podcast, The Brendon Show, Christian Woman Leadership, and Up & Vanished.
  • CREATIVE LIVE: If you RSVP to the live classes you can get them for free! I feel like I’m back in college because I sit and take notes or paint along with the instructor. Classes on writing, art, photography, business and more.
  • SKILLSHARE: Creative Live offers classes at individual rates, while this site offers all classes for a low monthly rate. Learn how to be a better creative with these simple and exciting workshops!


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Here’s to a mindful week!

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