12 Free Apps I Love for Self-Care

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Before you pay for that app, check out my favorite 12 FREE Self-Care Apps! From creativity to yoga, I use all kinds of apps to inspire and motivate me throughout the day.

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1. DOWN DOG: Free yoga workouts with a variety of options! In addition, you can customize your music selection and even skip songs.

2. HEADSPACE: This is my favorite meditation app because of its fun design and non-intimidating meditation practices. Enjoy tutorials with cute animated videos and learn to use meditation for any issue you’re dealing with. I love the pain management practices.

3. REMINISCE JOURNAL: I wanted a simple, no bells and whistles, digital journal so that I could take it anywhere. In addition, if you have a Mac, you can also sync it to write on your computer.

4. YOUVERSION BIBLE APP: This app is perfect for Bible study, church or just having on-the-go when you don’t have your Bible on you. You can use it for simple verse lookup or search by topic, or select a reading plan. Lots of info in this free app!

5. INSTAGRAM: I use mine as a personal Art Portfolio to build confidence in my skill. I have a rule to only follow people or companies that inspire my creativity. Follow me here.

6. PINTEREST: This is Google for Creatives. Any time I need inspiration for an art project or want to get organized, Pinterest is my go-to. Follow my boards here.

7. CREATIVE LIVE: If you RSVP to the live classes you can get them for free! I feel like I’m back in college because I sit and take notes or paint along with the instructor. Classes on writing, art, photography, business and more.

8. GOODREADS: This is like Facebook for Books! You can track every book you’ve ever read, review them for others and also see what your friends are reading. My favorite feature is setting my yearly Goodreads Goal. Follow me here.

9. HOOPLA: You need a local library card for this one, but it allows you to rent tons of audiobooks, e-books and movies for free each month! I use this to browse digital picture books for my kids, watch movies when I travel and listen to audiobooks.

10. OVERDRIVE: This one also requires a library card, but it offers free books to use on your Kindle! Just like Hoopla, these are real bestsellers you pay $30 for at the store!

11. RELAX MELODIES: Create your own nature sounds or background noise in order to destress or help with sleep. Love the customization.

12. SIMPLE HABIT: My second favorite meditation app. This one has an unlimited number of teachers so you can pick and choose which voice appeals to you during your practice.self care app


These self-care apps are all FREE so check out one that piques your interest! Let me know what you want to try in the comments below!

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Have a relaxing day!self care app


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