Do you want a closer walk with Christ? Join this mentorship program to create friendships, reach spiritual goals, and go deeper in Bible study.

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Motivated By Spiritual Growth

I became a Christian when I was 12 years old. By the time I had my own children, I realized I really hadn’t grown spiritually. I didn’t know how to pass on my faith and confidence in God. But today I do.

So what was it that motivated me to change? Was it endless sermons or a guilt trip from God? It was neither–it was intentionality.

Before, I had no motivation to read my Bible and apply its practices to my life. Now I love looking at the Bible in bite-sized pieces so that I can actually retain and apply it to my life. I have so much joy and passion for my continued growth, that I can’t help but share these practices with others!

From Spiritual Milk to Solid Food

The book of Hebrews says that God wants us to be on solid food but we are still drinking milk like newborns in our faith. Is your practice of Bible study impacting your life? your marriage? your finances? the way you speak, think, and live?

If your answer is “no” in any of these areas, that’s ok! This is not a guilt trip! This is your launching pad to commit to real spiritual growth. So what does that look like?

I’ve created a program that I am so PUMPED to share with you!! It will help you grow in your spiritual walk and go from milk to solid food, in a way that will be SO MUCH FUN. If your Bible study time is boring, I’ve got you, girl!

This is NOT another Bible study. It’s a mentorship program where you will create friendships, reach spiritual goals, and go deeper in your Bible.

Most Bible studies just want you to consume more and more, adding to your to-do list. But if all you’re doing is drinking through a fire hose, then how can you be transformed? What if I could teach you how to examine one scripture at a time by understanding its context, translation, application, and meaning? What if I could teach you how to examine the Bible in a way that will actually fill you up?

It’s not about drinking as much milk as you can. It’s about getting to the meat of scripture–true transformation that affects every area of your life.

Enjoy Spiritual Growth Without the Guilt

I am looking to mentor real women who want to talk about real life and are ready to move on from spiritual milk to solid food.

Can you imagine what your life will look like when you feel organized instead of overwhelmed pouring your coffee in the morning, knowing exactly what you’re doing that day? You can be that woman! What if you could be a woman filled with peace instead of anxiety? Imagine feeling equipped instead of insecure; encouraged instead of guilt-ridden. It all starts with The Seasonal Growth Group.

This program will help you grow into the person God has called you to be by helping you find a starting place and setting goals to get there. You’ll meet others who feel and think the same way you do who are going through the same season or may even live in your city.

And while we’re talking about serious things and changes that need to be made, YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST WHILE DOING IT!

The Seasonal Growth Group will address all areas of your life. If your spiritual life is growing, it will impact your family, your friendships, how you serve others, and how you think, act, and feel. Not only will you finally be able to measure your transformation and be motivated to grow more, but you’ll also have a clear plan to get there!

The Seasonal Growth Group

How Does It Work?

I have simplified the process of spiritual growth into 4 easy steps that anyone can do:

  1. Quarterly Growth Plan
  2. Monthly Goal Setting
  3. Weekly Group Mentorship Calls
  4. Daily Bite-sized Bible Activities

My program will teach you how to set and reach goals, and enjoy new study techniques that excite you to read your Bible more! In addition, you’ll learn life skills such as taking care of yourself through spiritual disciplines like observing the Sabbath.

The growth plan you will receive is also highly customizable, whether you are a new mom wanting to learn how to take better care of yourself from a Biblical self-care perspective or a grandmother wanting to pass her faith onto her grandkids.

Does The Membership Include Printables?

Yes! If my printables have helped you grow spiritually because they’ve simplified your Bible study time, then this is the ultimate experience!

You’ll receive 90 days of printables specific to the Winter Session. These exclusive pages are only available through the group membership and will walk you through exactly what to do every day so you never have to wonder what’s next. This unique one-of-a-kind printable set takes you step by step through simple Bible study activities that even the busiest mom can do while having fun at the same time.

The Seasonal Growth Group will help you grow throughout the entire year. Each quarter you assess your progress and choose the next area of focus based on your personalized growth plan. Plus you’ll receive another 90-day set of brand-new seasonal printables not sold in the shop!

If you set monthly goals, meet with me in our weekly group call, and examine and apply the lessons in this simple way that anyone can do, then it’s guaranteed you will grow in one season. And when you add on another season of getting more and more comfortable with the success of reaching goals and going deeper in the Word, you’re guaranteed to grow even more.

Where Will It Meet?

You will need a printer, Zoom, and Facebook in order to access:

  • PDF downloads of our seasonal curriculum
  • Accountability groups and meet others
  • Links for weekly meetings
  • Daily encouragement and submit questions to Amy
  • Bonus goodies!

How Do I Sign Up?

GET ON THE WAITLIST! The waitlist has early bird access when registration opens up. There are only 50 spots available and chances are they will go fast.

Because this is unlike anything I’ve ever done, it is a premium program. This mentorship group is not for everyone. It’s for women who value their spiritual growth and are ready for personal, premium access to a mentor like me. By joining, you’re investing in yourself and your guaranteed spiritual growth.

Remember, I’ve taken the guesswork out of it and will show you exactly how to approach every single step. I will mentor you through the process so that you won’t be lost or confused. 2024 is the year you become the mom, wife, and follower of Christ that you know you’re meant to be. You know it’s possible.

What’s the Investment?

This premium program is priced at $300 every quarter. It auto renews every 90 days. Cancel anytime. 

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