How to Set Up a Remote Learning Classroom at Home

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Here we are: The Involuntary Homeschool Moms. Okay, we’ve chosen remote learning/e-learning/online education–whatever you want to call it, but it wasn’t ideal. So now what?

Before I had kids, I taught second grade for 4 years and it seems that Mrs. Senter is back in town for another school year…

While most of us are still following school assignments, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel for you. However, figuring out how to set up your “classroom” as a First Year Teacher an Involuntary Homeschool Mom is something I can help you out with.

Here are a few tips on setting up a spot in your home to reflect more of a fun classroom atmosphere rather than homework hell.


My daughter is going into Kindergarten so I wrote out her first and last name so she could practice her handwriting. My son is going into 4th, so I wrote his in cursive to practice. Get your kids in the habit of at least writing their first name on the top of every paper. Your teachers will thank you for it!


Since my daughter will be missing the full Kindergarten experience this year (*sob*), I wanted to recreate a few fun activities for her to have in person. Calendar time is an easy lesson to teach. We include the weather, learn about the days and months, introduce yesterday, today and tomorrow and basic clock skills.

Even my son likes to jump in and help. Here are a few fun calendar systems you can purchase for your own remote learning experience:


Our “classroom” spot is in the breakfast area right next to a big window, so I’ve re-purposed it as a bulletin board. Since my kids are still in elementary, I added an Alphabet Chart, Number Line, Calendar and Weather posters, our daily schedule, and even some room to display their class work.

Here are some of my favorites on Amazon:


I found chair back storage from the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and I’ve been raving about them ever since to anyone who will listen! We don’t have desks, but I like for the kids to easily access the things we use most. Each kid has a folder, a journal, a sketchbook, and a supply bag in their chair back storage.

The rest of the supplies that they share are stored in tubs that can be moved easily from the shelf to the table.


If you’ve had kids for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve assembled a pile of books. Our house is overflowing with holiday books, early readers, board books, chapter books, and comic books. Usually my kids spend more time dumping their books out on the floor than actually reading through them, so when I saw that school wasn’t reopening and I didn’t feel comfortable checking out public library books, I made my own.

Using an old cube storage unit and rounding up all the children’s books in the house, we created our own little family library. Now the kids are excited to “check out” a book during reading time! This cubby also makes great storage for other activities the kids can do on their own like puzzles, video games, crafts and coloring books to take a break from screens and worksheets during remote learning.


I don’t want to be super rigid in my schedule, but maybe you do. I get overwhelmed if we decide to sleep in or watch TV before school when it throws off our schedule. Make a loose schedule if it works better for your family. Here are some ideas for different ways to create a school schedule:

  • Write out the schedule complete with times to follow your teacher’s suggestions.
  • Create your own schedule with the order you feel you’re kids would do best with completing assignments.
  • Make a list and choose the order as you go. All the same work gets completed, but the pressure’s off.
  • Do whatever works for your family!


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I also have lots of projects and worksheets in my School Pinterest Board you might want to check out:

I know this is hard mama. But remember, you don’t have to do it all. Just be present, be patient, be realistic. You’ve got this!


  1. Great home schooling set up! Love all your ideas, it shows you were a classroom teacher! We go back on Sept 8 and will have remote learning till Oct mid. I can use some of your pointers, thanks for sharing!

  2. I can absolutely see why you’ve been raving about those chair pockets! They’re amazing! Your remote learning classroom set up is fantastic, mama!

  3. I need this now especially that my son will be into homeschooling for the first-time because of this pandemic

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