Creating a Play Routine for Kids

I love making charts for my kiddos. This schedule has become a favorite in my family. I print the chart, laminate it and tape it to the fridge. The kids take turns picking activities off the chart and X-ing them off with a dry erase marker throughout the day. I enjoy the mix of independent and group activities, indoor and outdoor.

I tell the kids to “pick off the chart” when I need time to myself, they are bickering, or I want to be intentional in playing with them. Some days we do three things, some days we do 10. It breaks up the boredom of every day life and puts some routine and creativity into our schedule.


  • Use this chart as a tool to HELP YOURSELF and SLOW DOWN, not to add to your already busy schedule.
  • Pick off the chart yourself sometimes if the house is a mess and you want some chores done, or you want the kids to go in the backyard for a bit.
  • Don’t have a laminator? Just use magnets to cover up the squares OR place it in a sheet protector.

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You’ve got this!


  1. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. I’m totally going to use it this summer! Would you mind sharing the pens you have for the other seasons?


    Kyle Steele


    • I actually have made this one pretty generic now so that it can be used year round. I will definitely post our seasonal buckets lists as I create them. Thanks!

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