A Review of the Past Year + FREE Family Goals Poster


Compared to the past few years with my health, this year has been phenomenal. I enjoyed progress in my treatment and have learned the value of asking for help. We hired a full-time nanny (again), deciding it was better for us to be a family with a nanny (for my good and bad days) than to scramble around hoping bad days wouldn’t come. I learned to let go of the guilt of still having help when I felt well and for focusing on myself some days instead of my children.

Self-care is a tricky balance, but if you don’t have anyone in your life pouring into you, you will easily become an empty jar trying to pour life and encouragement into others. I am so thankful for the incredible community I have around me. Always patient, loving and understanding when it comes to my cancellations because of my health.

While this disease stole many dreams I had of what my life would look like, it’s opened up several doors I never even considered. I am blessed to be able to have a husband that supports me in all I do as he works hard to provide for our family and a church that rallies around us when we’re in need and continues to encourage us to share our story with others.

2019 was filled with successes in:

  • Finding a new doctor when mine retired
  • Going on vacation to Disney World!
  • Attending several creative conferences
  • Starting and growing a blog (yay!)
  • Insight into my flare-up triggers
  • Hiring a full time nanny
  • Getting back into volunteering with women’s ministry
  • Service projects with our small group
  • Selling digital artwork
  • Going on regular date nights with Luke
  • Visiting family in Virginia


Halfway through the year, I did reassess my goals, such as when I realized I started the year wanting to publish a rough draft I had written about my Lyme journey and after editing, decided it was something I created for myself. I also wanted to pursue magazine article writing, but when my blog took off I realized the excitement and potential around it was far more unique than writing for other publications.

So with a new mindset of progress, not perfection, I updated my goals and continued on.

I did great in some areas (growing my blog audience, posting regularly, selling artwork), while not so great in others (exercising daily, drinking 64 oz water, keeping a regular sleep schedule)…you know the things that really matter…

So this year, as I continue growing my blog, writing, and drawing, I am putting my health above my creative goals. Not as glamorous, however, but my ideal scenario when I dream big is not to be doing all my creating from my bed all day.

I have some big dreams and big goals for the year and I encourage you to write down all of your one-days on a list and see which ones you will choose for today. Change your laters to nows!

Why? Why not! Take the trip, start the business, visit the friend.

Some goals I have for 2020 are:

  • Go on more vacations with my family
  • Stay with my new doctor
  • Switch to cleaner eating and clean living products
  • Attend a few conferences
  • Complete small house projects
  • Organize family service projects
  • Open an Etsy shop
  • Start an online book club
  • Create a Bible study
  • Interview women that have inspired me
  • Go on a vacation for our 15th anniversary!


I created this poster for our family goals a few years ago and we update it each year. I would love to share it with you so that you can talk about goals as a family as well as creating your own! Click here to download this poster and add your own photo to personalize it.



Have trouble completing your personal goals?

  1. Write them down
  2. Post them somewhere you’ll see them each day
  3. Tell someone about them

Did you print your Family Goals Poster?

You can print your own goal chart here and break down individual goals into attainable steps here.

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You’ve got this girl! This is going to be a great year!


  1. So many great goals! I find I often change my focus part way through the year too as some old goals just no longer seem important or I switch my thinking entirely. Best of luck with this year’s goals! Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  2. Great goals! and terrific encouragement – thank you!
    “Progress not perfection.” EXACTLY!

  3. Bravo! I salute you for choosing progress rather than perfection. Thank you for sharing your hard-won wisdom!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

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