Books of the Bible Series: Exodus Printable

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If you remember from my Genesis outline, last month we learned about a few important characters:

  • Adam + Eve = Seth
  • Seth’s descendant = Noah
  • Noah’s son = Shem
  • Shem’s descendant = Abram
  • Abram’s son = Isaac
  • Isaac’s son = Jacob
  • Jacob’s 12 sons = 12 Tribes of Israel (Israelites)

The book of Genesis leaves off with Jacob’s sons being reconciled with their brother Joseph (whom they sold off into slavery, and in a plot twist, becomes an Egyptian leader).

Joseph dies and years later, a new Pharaoh who knows nothing of Joseph is put in charge and he is threatened by the large number of Israelites (descendants of Jacob) that are living in Egypt. He enslaves them and later, all baby boys are to be murdered.

Enter the story of Moses…

Moses is an Israelite by birth, recused by an Egyptian princess who raises him as her son. When Moses is older, he sees an Egyptian mistreating an Israelite and kills him. Scared of the Pharaoh, he flees to the desert where he has an encounter from God to return and deliver the Israelites out of slavery…


The book of Exodus covers Moses’ birth to setting up the Tabernacle in the desert after the Israelites are freed from Egypt. Leviticus and Numbers are more detail-oriented about the instructions God gave the Israelites on how to live as his holy people (I will go into these specifics next month). Deuteronomy is a collection of Moses’ final days and 5 sermons he delivers to the people right before they finally enter the promised land.

I’ve created two printables as a resource for your study of the life of Moses. You may know the story of the 10 Plagues, but there was a whole lot more that went on once they reached the other side of the Red Sea.


Each month, I’ll cover another book using the chronological order of my Old Testament Timeline.

Next month, we try to make sense of the laws of Leviticus and Numbers–you may end up actually reading those books of the Bible after you see my printables!

You’ve got this!

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