How to Create a Daily Routine That Helps You Reach Your Goals

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Time. There’s never enough.

We are overworked, over scheduled, and overwhelmed. When we stay up late, we don’t always take a break to rest. Our diets consist of fast food and sometimes completely skip meals. We jam-pack our schedules so tightly that there’s no breathing room.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: What are my top 3 priorities? 

Do you have time in your schedule for them everyday?

What if you could wipe your slate clean for an entire month? What would you do?

I wished a few years of my life away waiting for them to pass so I could get to the good stuff. Waiting for answers is no fun. I waited for something better only to realize that life may be nothing more than a pile of these messy moments.


Even in the piles of messy moments, there is purpose. There is hope. These are not wasted moments. They can be great if you look past the grime and muck and dig for the treasure.

If you continue to fly by the seat of your pants or have the “here we go again” attitude like I did, your life is going to reflect that. The days will suck the life out of you and the kids will make you crazy. You’ll constantly be in a state of catching up and feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Here’s the good news: Whether you need more time or you wish time would speed up to the “good stuff”, there is hope in your current moment.

Take hold of this moment, right now, to make changes and give your days more time margins or more purpose.


The key is not to add to your schedule, but to simplify it. Use these tips to create a routine that helps you reach your goals.

1. Write down the times you do your essentials.

  • Wake and bed times for you and the kids
  • School drop off and pickup times
  • Work start and end times
  • Meal times

2. List out your top priorities and break them into manageable goals.

For example:

  • Relationships: time to invest in my marriage, play with my kids, helping others
  • Self-care: time to study my Bible, exercise, rest, getting outside
  • Career: set aside time to work alone, research, set writing goals

3. List hobbies you enjoy.

4. Write down any tasks that aren’t daily essentials, but are helpful.

  • Chores
  • Going through mail
  • To do lists

5. Now go through and see how you can implement these into your day.

For example:

My priorities are growing in my faith, practicing self-care, and time with my family. Since I’m a stay at home mom, I need to schedule lots of play time. I also scheduled in breaks to help me take care of my body since that is directly related to my flare ups, and reading my Bible first thing to get focused for the day.

My hobbies are writing and drawing which are implemented into my day. Sometimes I do them with the kids, sometimes I get them started on an activity like play dough so I have a good hour to work. Other times I save them for bedtime so it doesn’t disrupt our time together.

My daily tasks are a great way to ease my mind throughout the day and prepare for the next. I get the kids involved in chores and make a huge list of to do’s and pick three things to cross off each day. Setting aside one day for errands and trying to minimize the amount of things we’re signed up for during the week is a huge stress buster.

I plan out my week on Sunday night so I’m ready to go the next morning. After I make a meal plan, I write down my errands and update my to do list. Then I reflect on what I did or didn’t do well last week and make changes accordingly.



Even if your goal is as simple as getting out of bed, make a plan for it! Write down the things worth getting up for! Balance work and play and make time to check in with yourself to know when to add or take away from your schedule.

Carpe diem!


It’s not just our own schedules that need to be organized, but sometimes our kids need help getting their day back on track too. Read how to help your kids create a routine with Summer Schedule and Play Chart.

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What are your priorities, hobbies, and daily tasks? How do you find time to work them into your schedule? What are some changes you want to make going forward? COMMENT BELOW!

Here’s to a more organized YOU!

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