Craft for a Cause Family Project: Baby Blankets

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Hey mama! Are you tired of endless days of cleaning up and feeding your kids until dad gets home? Me too!

When I quit teaching to stay at home with my kids, I felt the need to be contributing more to the world. I felt lazy at home all day. NEWSFLASH—if this is you too—MAMA YOU ARE AMAZING! Staying at home with your children counts as contributing to society. You are raising kind, respectful human beings who love others—not an easy task for anyone who’s spent 30 minutes with a grumpy toddler.

But I hear you mama. Sometimes we want to be doing more than just feeding and cleaning and entertaining these little minds at home. So I’ve figured out a few ways to give back to your community while raising up caring children AT THE SAME TIME.

I’ve been crafting for a cause on my own for awhile, but I want to intentionally bring this passion of mine into my parenting world. In the past, helping others meant investing in babysitters or spending all day telling my kids to “hold on”.

Now I’ve found ways to integrate both worlds in a way that fulfills me as a woman who wants to help others and as a mom who wants to raise good kids.

Each month I’ll be sharing projects for charity that you can complete with your kids. There is no one way to do each project and no deadline, just pick and choose which ones work for your family.

This month I’ll teach you how to make a no-sew baby blanket that even your little kiddos can help with! Print the instructions below and keep reading to see where you can donate your items to those in need.




Have older kids? Get creative with how you finish off the ends of your blankets! Here are four different techniques:

1. SLITS: Original method of pulling strips through slits.
2. KNOTS: Instead of cutting a slit, tie each strip into a knot.
3. BRAID: Get fancy with your slits and weave the strips into each other.
4. FANCY: Cut your strips into points before being pulled through the slits.


  1. Tell them why you’re making the project. Show them videos of the charity you’re helping, visit the organization, get creative in how you teach them why and who they’ll be helping.
  2. Take them to the store to help you pick out supplies. Have them clip coupons, select the fabric, hand the money to the cashier. Let them be a part of the entire process.
  3. Set a special time to work on the project together. Maybe it’s a Saturday morning project or a Friday night activity. Gather your supplies ahead of time and make it a fun family event.
  4. Let the kids help as much as possible. Don’t make this about perfection. Set the focus for your project on the heart of your child, not the quality of the finished project. If it’s poor quality, I fix them up later before I donate the items. Encourage your children in their work, don’t criticize them so that they want to quit.
  5. Donate the items together. It’s one thing to create the item with a charity in mind, it’s another to hand it to an actual person in need. Take your kids with you when you drop the baby blankets off. Let them hand it over to the person who is accepting donations.


*Make sure to read the specifications on each charity’s needs before cutting your blanket sizes.

  1. Stitch a Wish
  2. Project Linus
  3. Pregnancy Help 4 U
  4. Community Enrichment Center
  5. Project Night Night
  6. Local women’s shelters
  7. Local homeless shelters
  8. Children’s hospitals
  9. Pregnancy Help Centers
  10. Teen Mothers


Did you print your directions to make your baby blankets? Awesome! Now tag a friend who you think would join you:

Sometimes when we tell others our goals, we’re more likely to follow through if we have someone holding us accountable. Comment below that you’re going to participate! Just comment with a simple “I’m in!” and I’ll encourage you along the way.

I’m in!


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