Are you tired of living in survival mode? Me too!

We all have something hard in our lives that keeps drawing us back to survival mode. I would love to encourage you in your journey to find light in the darkness and joy in the every day. Using my own experiences, I hope to equip you with a few tips and tools that helped me along the way.

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My name is Amy Senter and I’m originally from Virginia, but moved to Texas in 2002, when I attended Abilene Christian University. After marrying my college sweetheart, we struck a deal that we would stay in Texas as long as I could live in the city! So now, here we are 14 years later, happily married with two kiddos, living outside of Fort Worth.

I spent four years teaching second grade in a small country town before my children were born. When I became a stay at home mom, I dove into a writing course and created an Etsy shop as an outlet for my passions. It was so important for me to continue to do something that defined me as my own person, outside of being a wife and mother.


My life had always been simple, and my plans were falling into place. I didn’t realize how good I had it.

In 2014, I got pregnant with my second child. Everything went well, but after her birth, I developed my own health issues. I experienced migrating pain and twitches that doctors couldn’t figure out. As the years went on, my list of symptoms increased. Eventually I had trouble holding a conversation, and was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk to the bathroom on my own. Every test was normal, and doctors began to question my sanity.

After two and a half years, I was diagnosed with Late Stage Lyme Disease (aka Chronic Lyme), which presented another set of problems. I learned that the disease is highly controversial, and navigated an underground world of Lyme treatment. Nothing was covered by insurance and communicating with doctors was often difficult and secretive.

My journey with Lyme tested my faith in ways I never dreamed and I had days where I wished I could sleep away years of my life until this was over. If I had ever lived in survival mode, it was now. While I am much improved, I still deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and go to a doctor for weekly treatments in hopes that one day I will be healed.


I’m not sure what the protocol is to finally end this disease, but I do know one thing for certain. My hope in Jesus is ultimately what has brought me to the other side of this ugly time in my life. When doctors treat you as if you’re crazy and your family has exhausted every option they know, you tend to feel desperate, hopeless and full of fear.

It was in this hard time that I learned the peace that comes with surrender of control and trust in Jesus, one hard step at a time. Each day is still a battle, but I have the reminders of how far I’ve come and the hope he set in my heart to keep living life—not merely survive it.


After a year and a half of treatments, I began to see major improvements. But the turning point for me was when I addressed my mental state and acknowledged that I would never make progress if I didn’t believe I could.

While my mindset wasn’t the cause of Lyme, it certainly wasn’t helping it. I read book after book of others who went through hard times and read of their successes through self-care practices like using a gratitude journal, or getting outside into the sunshine everyday. I saw a pattern of positive thinking and physical healing in my body that I couldn’t ignore.

So I’m writing this blog to bring hope to those who are hopeless. You are not alone. You are not a lost cause. Your circumstance doesn’t define you. You are braver and stronger than you think.

Let’s take back our lives together by stop waiting for things to get better. Today is the first day of your new life—stop putting it on hold. You’ve got this!



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