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Meet Amy

In 2014 I got really sick with Late-Stage Lyme Disease—I mean wheelchair, 80 pills a day, needing a nanny for my kids kinda-sick. 

It wasn’t until 4 years later, that I decided I would choose joy and live with intention no matter what my circumstances might be. 

Let’s hang out and cheer each other on to find hope in our hardships and live with intention!

“I have printed most of the freebies off and have them laminated. I switch them out on a clip in our bathroom so I can read them when I am getting ready. It’s a HUGE encouragement.
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“I was busy with my own Bible study about the Spiritual Armor of God when I came across your post. I'm Afrikaans speaking so the Spiritual Armour of God translates to 'Die Wapenrusting van God.' Thank you for this, it will help me so much, I'm a visual learner and look forward to understanding the Bible more.”