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OCTOBER: “A Simplified Life” by Emily Ley

NOVEMBER: “The Life Council” by Laura Tremaine

DECEMBER: “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told” by Hosanna Wong

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Bibles on My Shelf

Chronological Study Bible

This Bible organizes all of the passages in chronological order and includes timelines and colorful references. 

Radiant Virtues Bible

This gorgeous Bible highlights scriptures through artwork including a yearly calendar and bookmarks.

Journal the Word Bible

Lined margins with 500 prompts for journaling. I love that it also highlights Jesus’ words in red.

Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

Includes historical references, and modern day photographs of actual Biblical artifacts and locations. I use this to get a more accurate perspective.

Quickview Bible

Over 360 full-color infographics throughout the text. I use mine as a reference for organizing people, places and events.

Parallel Bible

Compare 2 or more translations side by side! I use the NIV/MSG combo for a more modern commentary.

The Story

Taking actual Biblical text and organizing it in novel form, I used this to discover how the entire Bible fit together in a cohesive way.

The Beginner's Bible

Written in a picture book format, this is the Bible I used for my children as babies and preschoolers.

Kid's Adventure Bible

The NIrV is the perfect translation for a child’s first Bible. I use this with my kids in elementary school.

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