30 Day Challenge: Write Something You’re Grateful For Each Day

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I want to make intentional living tangible and practical in your life and mine. So I’m kicking off the month with this 30 Day Challenge that you can print out and use all month long!! I am so excited to get started on this and know that if you join me, you will benefit from it as well!

Gratitude is a practice. It doesn’t come naturally to most–it takes discipline. I challenge you, especially in this season of Thanksgiving, to practice gratitude for 30 days with me.


If you get behind, it’s ok to play catch up! But try to keep it in a place where you’ll remember to use it each day:

  • In your office
  • By your bed
  • On your mirror
  • On the fridge

Tomorrow is not the day to practice gratitude, it’s right now. Today. This is your chance to look at life in a more positive light. To see hope where you feel hopeless. To feel encouraged where you feel overwhelmed. Start small: a sunset, a good meal, a quiet moment, a text from a friend.

I went through this myself years ago when I was anxious and angry at dealing with my illness, but over and over in my self-help books was the practice of gratitude. Of changing your mindset from negative to positive. I couldn’t think of anything good to write, but I dedicated myself to starting a gratitude journal and slowly but surely my list began to grow.

Now, a few years later, I’m going through treatment again and I’ve learned gratitude motivates me to push through the hard spots. I am focused and ready to be grateful for the little successes. I hope you are too!


If you’re in the trenches, write that you brushed your teeth today–I know it sounds silly, but acknowledging even small successes has a massive impact on your health and well-being.

I am thankful for you friend! Download your 30 Day Challenge today and then comment below to let me know you’re taking the challenge with me!

You’ve got this!


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Happy Thanksgiving!